5 Retail Shopfitting Mistakes to Avoid for Better Store Performance

08 July 2021

Shopfitting is done in a lot of retail stores and establishments due to its associated benefits. For one, shopfitting can make sure that these places will be more marketable to both potential and returning customers. It can also ensure that the overall workflow of employees will be streamlined effectively. Ultimately, shopfitting can improve the overall performance of these stores and establishments.

But not all shopfitting projects yield great results. Some shopfitting projects may still obtain several issues that can somehow ruin the overall store performance. Here are some of the most common shopfitting mistakes to avoid so that your store can perform effectively and efficiently.

Disregarding Store Exterior

One common shopfitting mistake that you should avoid is disregarding the appearance of your store exterior. Potential customers often base their judgment and impression about a store according to its exterior. And if your store does not have any enticing elements on your shopfront, then you may expect the number of your customers and sales to decrease drastically. Your store should have likeable customised signage and branding displays so customers can recognise your branding right away.

Embracing Poor Lighting

Another shopfitting mistake that must be avoided at all times is embracing poor choice of lighting. Lighting can certainly make a huge difference in terms of the overall appearance of your store. Opting for poor lighting choices can affect the promotion of your offerings. It can even ruin the experience of customers as they might not be able to see your best sellers right away. For your store to be great, you must carefully examine the best temperature and placement for your light fittings.

Prioritising Overall Sales

While stores are places designed for promoting and selling products, they must be designed without exaggerating their true purpose. Stores that are filled with ads, promotions, and other annoying selling elements would only deter customers from entering them. For shopfitting purposes, you must design a store that would provide a breathable and comfortable shopping environment for customers. Any invasive promotional clutter must be removed so that customers will not be overwhelmed.

Ignoring Shop Configurability

Trends in retail stores can change very quickly. In fact, they may even change in just a month. Therefore, your store should have equipment pieces, fixtures, fittings, and other elements that can be reconfigured easily. Failure to have a flexible shop will only lead to more expenses if ever you have to modify the store design and layout again. It can also lead to performance drops since renovations can last for days or even weeks, which can be avoided if your store elements can be altered easily.

Overlooking the Point of Sale

The point of sale is crucial to stores as it concludes the transaction of a customer. However, if the area where the point of sale takes place is not polished enough, then it might only lead to customers having a bad impression of your store. Worse, they might even return all their items and never come back again. Overlooking the sales counter must not be done to ensure customers complete their purchase. Precious materials can be used to enhance the sales counter. They must also always be cleaned.

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