Amazing Shopfitting Tips for Pop-Up Shops

02 April 2019

Since pop-up shops are set up for only a short time, they need to make a good impression quickly. These shops do not have the time to cultivate an image slowly. They need to ‘wow’ the customers as soon as they are within sight of the storefront. The way that you can accomplish this with your pop-up store is by investing in an attractive, attention-grabbing shopfitting. To help you begin the design process for this, we share some amazing shopfitting tips in the following list.

1. Create Enticing Exterior Signage and Display Windows

The first order of business with a shopfitting for your pop-up shop is how to encourage your customers to enter it. Your exterior signs should broadcast your brand clearly but attractively. After all, if people have trouble locating your shop, they will go elsewhere to purchase goods. Also, your front-window displays need to instill curiosity in the mind of prospective and present customers. It is this curiosity that will bring them into your shop.

2. Provide Easy Navigation Through Your Shop

Once you entice the customers into your store, you need to provide them with a clear, non-confusing path through it. The easier time they have finding what they want to purchase, the longer that they will shop in your store. This will increase your chance of sales.

3. Give Your Customers a Reason to Stop and Linger

Use product displays to make your customers stop, look, and linger on the way through your shop. An ideal way to accomplish this is to strategically locate new products to bring them to the attention of would-be buyers.

4. Choose a Pleasant, Uplifting Décor Scheme

Another amazing shopfitting tip for your pop-up shop is for you to select a décor scheme that is both pleasant and uplifting. Remember that your shoppers need to feel joy and happiness while purchasing your products to spread the word to their friends on how great your shop is.

5. Integrate the Latest in Lighting and Technology Into Your Shopfitting

Illuminate your shop with LED lighting options. They provide highly effective lighting without being harsh. In addition, you can use them to highlight your displays as well as for navigational purposes. Technological advances, such as interactive screens and levitating displays, also will provide a bit of excitement to your shop.

For further amazing shopfitting tips for pop-up shops, turn to BRL Contracting. Our company has the expertise to create a pop-up store for you that will forever be in the minds of your customers. We provide quality, eye-catching results with each project that we undertake.


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