Awesome Shopfitting Display Tips That Work

29 July 2016

When it comes to successful retail marketing, nothing beats the visual impact of efficient displays. Every shop and every brand carries a style, a brand message and ethos that can be expressed to people just by passing through your eye-catching displays. The best way to go about doing this for your store is to determine the amount you’re ready to spend time on shopfitting, and then seek the help of a reputable contractor that specialises in innovative shop fitting solutions.

A professional shopfitter can show you how to get the most out of your money, by sharing shopfitting display tips that can work within your budget limitations. You can learn about some of these listed below.

Proven Shopfitting Display Tips

In just makes sense to invest in shopfitting displays that will not only attract customers, but that will also send out a positive message of what is inside your store. Here are a few of the tips that will find informative and useful.

  1. 1. The number one important aspect of a retail fitout is effective lighting, just ask any successful retail shop owner or manager, they will tell you it’s true. However, many small retailers have the idea that lighting, especially various levels of lighting strategically placed throughout a shop, is an unnecessary expense that doesn’t warrant extra attention. However, if you think of a display as your personal advertisement that you want your customer to take ‘extra’ notice of, then it makes perfect sense.
  2. 2. Location and shelving height are other important aspects of shopfitting displays, and knowing your target market’s average size will help you choose the height that your products should be placed at, to maximise exposure. For example, think about your target audience, are they young people? Then products that are for young people should be placed and displayed lower to the ground, so as to be near their eye level for better viewing. Basically, customer don’t buy products they can’t see.
  3. 3. Never opt for fixed displays, this is one of the most basic shopfitting display tips, as mobile shelving and display furnishing allows you to experiment moving these around yourself, rather than be chained to fixed displays.

There are many, many other proven tips you will discover to help you grow your business, especially if you hire BRL Contracting, your one-stop solution to increase your shop’s revenues and get the exposure your brand name deserves.


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