Best Budget Retail Fitout Ideas for Small Businesses

08 August 2017

Owners of small retail establishments have a challenge in setting up their spaces in a way that is effective and space-saving at the same time. It does not take too much to overwhelm the space in this scenario, and make it cramped and crowded. Luckily, you can install a number of retail fitout ideas that are easy on the budget and ideal for your small business. We provide examples of these ideas in the following details.

Use Colours and Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

You can create an illusion of additional space by painting the walls a pale shade and hanging mirrors in strategic locations. Pale colours open a space up where dark colours close it in and make it seem smaller. Mirrors reflect light back into the room along with the store setup. This can make the store appear longer or wider than it is in actuality.

Install Minimalist Displays

All of your displays should be of a minimalist nature in order to take up only what room is absolutely necessary. While they need to perform their functions, they should do so without engulfing excessive floor space that you may need for other purposes on top of displaying your merchandise. Acrylic display units are an example of what we mean.

Store Overstock in the Backroom

Never try to place your overstock on the sales floor. It should go in the backroom whenever possible. This will eliminate clutter and keep the store from being overcrowded.

Paint One Wall with an Accent Colour

While painting the majority of the walls with a pale colour does create the illusion of space, you can select one wall to paint with a darker shade just for an accent colour. An idea such as this is highly attractive, unique and budget-friendly.

Utilise Your Vertical Space Wisely

Remember to use your vertical space for displaying your merchandise along with your floor space. Wall racks, shelves and cabinets are just a few examples of this, and these are ideal for displaying shoes and other items in an attractive fashion.

Sufficiently Illuminate the Store

As part of your retail fitout, include the latest in lighting technology and other light sources. Allow natural sunlight to illuminate your shop as much as possible and rely on energy-saving LEDs for your other light source. Your investment in this area is nominal, but it will reap you positive results.

To learn additional facts about the best budget retail fitout ideas for small businesses, consult with BRL Contracting. We specialise in all types and sizes of retail fitouts along with other services.


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