Best Lighting Tips for Your Retail Store Fitout

10 May 2021

A store fitout can determine numerous factors in terms of the performance of retail stores and other similar businesses. It can establish whether a store can truly entice people to enter its vicinity or not. It can likewise identify whether certain featured products are being bought or not.

From a wide variety of elements that are often included in a store fitout, lighting can be considered as one major element that can affect the aforementioned factors. With poor and inefficient lighting, people who are passing by might hesitate to enter the store. Customers might also not purchase products that are being promoted upfront, even if they are bombarded with lighting in all directions.

After all, lighting does not have to feature products all the time. It can be utilised instead as an element that could highlight beautiful elements of a store. It can even be used as a guide towards key places of an establishment. And so, for an effective store fitout, here are some lighting tips that you can consider.

Consider Your Materials

The materials that you used or will be using for your store’s ceilings, walls, floors, and other parts can hugely affect the quality of your lighting. So, considering the qualities and specifications of these materials first before planning and adding lighting options for your store can be a good step towards a quality retail store fitout. If most parts of your store are painted with matte white or any bright colours, then the amount of lighting that you can use may be decreased a little bit. Alternatively, more lights will be required if you are thinking of incorporating dark parts and corners in your store.

Incorporate Daylight

Most stores today are designed to fit in huge exterior windows for better product visibility. And since windows will be present, the amount of daylight that can enter inside these stores can be tremendous. If your store has these windows, then you must plan your lighting accordingly. Daylight has a bluish colour temperature, which is far from the usual warm colour temperature of the LED and incandescent lights. To effectively highlight your store offerings, you must add light fixtures that can emit cool colour temperatures on your storefront windows so that they can match the daylight’s colour temperature.

Plan the Light Position

Lighting is vital to retail stores as it can highlight all the features and products that are being offered by the establishments. However, the positioning of lighting fixtures must be planned thoroughly to avoid any lighting issues. Naturally, lights must be placed vertically as human eyes are drawn to the vertical structure of the lighting. Pointing the lights towards the products only will not do any good for your retail store. Instead, it will only make your establishment feel dark and empty. Lighting your walls and other vertical surfaces, alternatively, can make your store brighter and more spacious.

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