BRL Contracting Pharmacy Chain Fitout Specialists in Melbourne

07 December 2017

Pharmacies are an integral part of many people’s lives for a number of reasons: not only do they dispense and stock up on much-needed supplements and medications for the most common ailments, but they also act as a resource and dispensary for more important prescription drugs.

Pharmacies are also a great resource of a plethora of personal-care products, but beyond its essential functions, a pharmacy chains offer much the same types of supplies as any small retail store – profiting off of the branded products that it displays and sells. This is why the importance of branding during a pharmacy chain fitout has to be a top priority.

Pharmacy Chain Fitout Specialists in Melbourne

For the best in pharmacy chain fitout services, choose BRL Contracting in Melbourne. As pharmacy chain fitout specialist, BRL Contracting will assess exactly which brands your stores sell the most, and then customise designing aspects that will increase your stores’ sales.

The benefits BRL Contracting offers are many. If you are a pharmacy owner, then you don’t have to worry about conducting your own market research to find out what product and services are most saleable in your area, that’s because our marketing professionals will do the research for you.

Designing a brand-oriented pharmacy fitout has a number of advantages versus simply focusing of floor layout functionality. In the more competitive world of pharmaceutical marketing, knowing which brands will sell and which won’t, and designing a fitout in an aesthetic way that not only improves customers’ shopping experience, but that will also encourage customers to purchase displayed products.

Here are just some of the advantages you can expect with an innovative pharmacy shop fitting by BRL Contracting:

  • Increased sales – through research, identifying the best, well-known and trusted brands of products sold in pharmacies, and then effectively planning to display these will guarantee increased store sales and profits.
  • More traffic – customers have preferences, whether it involves personal-care products or their favourite brand of health supplements. Selling those brands that are popular within your local area will ensure that traffic is constant.
  • An experienced partner – BRL Contracting specialises in pharmacy fitouts, and we have successfully worked on shop fitouts for well-known pharmacy chain brands such as Amcal, Guardian, Amcal Max, Soul Pattinson, and others.

Because pharmacy fitouts are a necessary part of a successful business, BRL Contracting professionals will collaborate with you in planning the aesthetics of the store, shelving types, lighting fixtures, flooring, aisle widths, and designing the entry for wheelchair access. BRL Contracting is the best pharmacy chain fitout specialist in Melbourne, using only the best products, materials, and quality workmanship, satisfaction is guaranteed.


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