Commercial Joinery and Shopfitting Experts: What BRL Can Offer You

14 June 2017

When in need of commercial joinery and shopfitting assistance to fitout your commercial establishment, you should search out a company that offers expert services and high-quality results. Luckily, BRL Contracting can provide all of this to your establishment tailored in such a way as to address your special specifications, preferences and requirements in an attractive, durable and functional fashion. Read what BRL has to offer you in the following details.

Expert Shopfitting Solutions

Our professionals will analyse your shopfitting needs and develop a layout and design that fit your exact requirements. They base all the work around the best way to merchandise your products and services in order for you to obtain maximum functionality and success from your initial investment. You personally select materials, colours and other necessities to make their plans come to fruition according to your preferences. Our company even offers custom, in-house joinery.

Internal Strip Outs

When necessary, our shop demolition teams will strip out the present shop fixtures efficiently and cleanly to start fresh with the new fitout. At the same time, they will repair issues to restore the store to a safe, usable condition prior to installing the new design elements. Also, BRL is the prime contractor and makes arrangements with the right professionals for plumbing and electrical elements along with the installation of fire sprinklers and more.

Interior Fitouts

BRL’s interior refits or fitouts are of the highest quality to ensure that they endure throughout the years. We deliver our services in an efficient, timely manner so that you can resume or open your business as quickly as possible. Our goal is the same as yours, namely to increase productivity, sales and functionality through a refit or fitout.

We Are Specialists in Pharmacy Fitouts

While we have expertise with numerous types of commercial fitouts, we are specialists in the field of pharmacy ones, which require specific layouts and designs to fit the unique purpose of pharmacies. You may recognise the brands that we already service that include Guardian, Soul Pattinson, Amcal and Amcal Max.

BRL Offers Efficient Site Management and Building Maintenance

In addition to our other services, we will provide you with in-depth management of tradesmen and contractors to ensure that your project not only comes to completion in the correct manner, but to also maintain the building once we finish your project. Regardless of the maintenance your situation needs, our professionals can handle it.

Rely on BRL Contracting for further details about what our company can offer you in the way of commercial joinery and shopfitting experts. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, innovative solutions for your fitout needs.


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