Complete Building Maintenance Work: What Is It All About?

09 May 2017

Owners of commercial, industrial and other types of buildings, or apartment complexes need to maintain their buildings in a thorough manner to keep them in ideal condition for the tenants, visitors, workers and other users of them. This is an enormous task to undertake since it encompasses all areas and aspects of the structures. For this reason, the owners often outsource complete building maintenance work out to a professional company that specialises in providing it on a regular basis. Read our list below to discover what this type of work includes most of the time.

1. Clean the Structures on a Regular Schedule

Maintenance workers will clean the structures thoroughly on a regular schedule. This may entail only the common areas if it is an apartment complex with the tenants cleaning their own apartments, but it might involve the entire structure when it is a commercial, industrial, educational or other type of non-residential facility. Vacuuming, dusting, window washing, mopping and shampooing the carpets are examples of what this cleaning may include for your structure or structures.

2. Routine Maintenance Tasks

Complete building maintenance work also includes routine maintenance tasks. The workers will inspect the facilities to learn if the hinges squeak and need a bit of oil, any light bulbs require replacing, any doorknobs need tightening, the filter in the air conditioning needs replacing or they need to address other minor issues.

3. Perform Repairs Whenever Possible

The maintenance workers will patch wall holes, replace leaky pipes, install new electrical outlets or switches and perform other repairs within their scope of skills and experience. There are times when you may need to bring in other contractors to offer the right repairs for major issues.

4. Address Miscellaneous Tasks

In addition to the above duties, the maintenance workers will need to tend to numerous miscellaneous tasks. Tasks such as these may include installing blinds or other window treatments, hanging pictures and other wall decor, cleaning the exterior of the structures and clearing off walkways of dirt and possibly ice just for a sampling of these tasks.

5. Joinery, Masonry and Painting Services

Thorough building maintenance work also includes joinery, masonry and painting services when the need arises. Examples of this include repainting the interior and exterior of the structures, replacing deteriorated wood trims or removing and replacing damaged bricks.

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