Differences Between Category A and Category B Fitouts

23 May 2017

Commercial fitouts not only come in a wide variety of styles but also in two different classifications, namely Category A and Category B. If you wish to talk intelligently about which type of fitout you require for your own building, you need to understand the definition of each category. We provide you a clear, concise explanation of these fitouts below to help you sound like a pro when ordering your next fitout project.

Definition of the Category A Fitouts

Fitouts that are in Category A are just basic ones. In fact, some people call them landlord fitouts since they only ready the building for leasing. With these, you will receive such elements as plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, raised floors, blinds on the windows, suspended ceilings, surface finishes and even fire detection systems. All of this type of preparation allows for further detailing by the tenant at the time of leasing, and this is where the Category B fitouts come into play. Read the next section to learn further details.

Explanation of the Category B Fitouts

The fitouts that belong in Category B decorate and furnish the building to provide it with the ambiance and functional items necessary to conduct business in it according to the tenant’s needs. Examples of these items include such things as office equipment, AV equipment, display racks, shelving, wall decorations, and business logos for branding, furniture and storage units. Category B fitouts are customisable in almost unlimited ways.

Highlights of the Differences Between These Two Types of Fitouts

The main difference between these two categories of fitouts is that A is less involved and expensive than B is at all times. Also, Category B ones include intricate detailing to ensure that the building is suitable for the type of business that the tenant will conduct in it all throughout the year. The landlord is the one who dictates what the Category A fitouts include, whereas, the tenants dictate what the Category B fitouts include without any input from the landlord. With the latter, tenants can create a unique, one-of-a-kind interior to promote their brand.

For further facts about the differences between Category A and Category B fitouts, turn to BRL Contracting. We specialise in both types of fitouts for all types of businesses, including, but not limited to, retailers, offices and pharmacies. Just explain your requirements, and we will explain how we can fulfil your needs in a quality way. In addition, we offer building maintenance upon request.


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