Different Ways of Using Recycled Materials for a Retail Shop Fitout Design

14 February 2019

With all the focus on going green today, you may be in the process of transforming your retail store into an eco-friendly one. One way that you can accomplish this task is by using recycled materials in the retail shop’s fitout design. Not only can this help lessen your carbon footprint, but it also can reduce the cost of the building materials for your fitout. Numerous items are recyclable for this purpose and range from wood shipping pallets to used bricks. We provide you with some of the different ways of using recycled materials in retail store fitout designs in the following.

Build a Counter or Other Item with Used Shipping Pallets

It is possible to construct a check-out or other counter by attaching rows of shipping pallets together. Just ensure that the seams are alternated on the rows for stability. Then, all that is necessary is a bit of sanding and staining for an attractive addition to your retail shop.

Install Recycled Timber Planks for Flooring

Recycled timber planks are ideal for your shop’s flooring. Planks such as these may come out of old houses or buildings, or from your present fitout if you are refurbishing. Once they are installed, they must be sanded smooth and protected with a couple coats of the appropriate sealer. Use a clear one to enhance the planks’ natural colouring or a shaded one to change the colouring a bit while still allowing the timber grain to show through on the flooring.

Restore Used Stone Slabs for Countertops

Used, natural stone slabs can be recut, resized and re-polished for countertops. Marble, granite and limestone are just three examples of the natural stone that is available for recycling today. Also, engineered quartz may be another possibility for recycling material for use in countertops.

Old Timber Cable Reels Make Great Display Tables

Showcase your products in a unique fashion by creating display tables for recycled timber cable reels. They sit firmly on the floor when you position them upright on one of their sides. Simply sand and stain them or add a glass top to them to transform them into display stands.

Create an Interesting Wall with Recycled Brick

Old bricks are easy to recycle in various ways in a retail shop fitout. An example of this is to create at least one brick wall. Choices for highlighting this type of wall include painting the brick, cleaning and leaving the brick natural or a mix of both ideas.

For additional ways of using recycled materials in a retail shop fitout design, contact BRL Contracting. We specialise in delivering highly functional, unique fitouts for a variety of retail establishments, including pharmacies.


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