Dynamic Merchandising and Shopfitting Ideas for Sports Apparel Retail Stores

19 March 2019

Nowhere are dynamic merchandising and shopfitting ideas more important than in sports apparel retail stores. For one thing, this is a highly competitive sector of the retail business since there are so many brands in each type of apparel that these stores carry. Also, online shopping sites pose a true threat to the brick-and-mortar stores. To ensure that your sports apparel retail shop stays ahead of the competition, incorporate some or all of the following ideas for dynamic shopfitting and merchandising.

Group Themes of Apparel Together

Instead of just putting all of the shirts, pants and shoes into their individual categories. Instead, make a basketball section, football section, running section and so on with the relative clothing and shoes in each one for a theme grouping. Make as many groups as it takes to cover all the sporting apparel that you carry.

Avoid Crowding on the Racks

Prevent crowding your racks with too much merchandise. Not only does this look unattractive, but it also makes it difficult for shoppers to browse through your offerings to make their selection.

Mix Types of Merchandise in Displays to Highlight Different Products in an Eye-Catching Way

Make your displays attention-grabbing by mixing different products of the same theme together in an attractive fashion. You also may want to use spotlights to these displays to ensure that customers cannot ignore their presence.

Utilise the Latest in Technology for Certain Displays

Interactive displays that allow customers to research products without the assistance from store staff are excellent additions to your efforts at dynamic merchandising and shopfitting. LED lighting on display shelves is another idea that also will help you accomplish your goal.

Hold Special Events to Attract Customers into Your Store

Another way to entice customers into your establishment is by holding special events. A sample exercise class is just one example of this. If you sell fishing gear, you could have an expert explain the best way to perfect your casting ability on a variety of rods for an additional example for a special event.

Post Signs That Emphasise the Benefits of Using Your Product Brands

Whether you carry Nike, New Balance or another brand of shoes, point out the advantages of each specific brand in your signage. A message such as ‘You can jump higher in (insert shoe brand) shoes.’ may make basketball players take notice just to illustrate what we mean by signage.

It will not take long to see results when you enact the above dynamic merchandising and shopfitting ideas in your sports apparel retail store. For further advice on this topic, turn to BRL Contracting since our company specialises in shopfitting not only for your type of store but also in all other types of retail stores as well.


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