FAQ: What Services Does On-Site Project Management Entail?

17 April 2019

All types of shopfitting projects require expert on-site project management to come to completion in an efficient, accurate fashion. Reputable companies will assign a qualified project manager to each of their shopfit jobs for this reason. To ensure that you receive all the benefits that you should from this manager, we explain the services that one should perform for you during your shopfitting in the following details.

A Project Manager Organises and Schedules All the Necessary Crews

Mostshopfit projects involve different crews working together to bring about all aspects of the plans. Project management helps to schedule and organise these crews so each one can work without hindrance. Many times, one crew cannot perform its job until another one is finished doing its duties.

Risk Assessment and Management Are Also Part of On-Site Project Management

All projects have a certain amount of risks that require assessing and managing to ensure that they do not delay the shopfit. An on-site project manager performs both duties to avoid risks whenever possible.

On-Site Project Management Ensures That the Shopfitting Adheres to All Plan Specifications

Another service that this management involves is that it guarantees the shopfit is performed according to all plan measurements, materials and other inclusions. There is nothing more aggravating to clients than the omission of details that are important to their shops functioning in the way that they desire after the completion of the shopfit.

Keeps Clients Updated on the Progress of TheirĀ Shopfits

Project managers inform the clients on how their projects are progressing. Also, they consult with the clients when there are any problems to resolve the issues in an agreeable manner.

Services for Project Management Include Quality Control of All Workmanship and Materials

Watching over and controlling the quality of joinery and other workmanship and of all pertinent materials are other functions that a project manager performs when on site with a shopfit. Materials can range from flimsy to durable and the latter is always preferred. Expert workmanship means little if the materials fall apart easily. The opposite also is true. Both need to be equally durable to last for years to provide an adequate return to the clients on their investments.

Each Project Varies in Its Needs

Due to the fact that each shopfit is different, the responsibilities of the project manager may include other duties besides the ones mentioned above. Consult with BRL Contracting to learn additional information about what services on-site project management can include. We are experts at shopfits and offer these types of services with each project that we perform for our clients.


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