Five Reasons Why Your Shopfitting Company Must Have Highly Skilled Joiners

27 August 2018

When you are in search for the ideal shopfitting company to outfit your store, you should hire one that relies upon highly skilled joiners to ensure that you receive the best wood cabinetry and furnishings for your purposes. As you may or may not understand, joiners are different than carpenters in the tasks that they perform for clients. The truth is that you need both, but we are here to explain the advantages of having joiners available to you through the shopfitter that you hire.

1. Know the Difference between Joiners and Carpenters

While they both work with wood, joiners typically work in workshops making cabinets and other types of wood furnishings, and the carpenters work on-site to install the cabinetry and furnishings along with features such as structural elements and wood trim. Joiners ensure that the wood furnishings and cabinetry in your shopfitting project are attractive, well-built and durable. Carpenters guarantee that their installation is high quality.

2. Joiners Use Special Methods to Join Wood Together to Create Your Cabinetry or Other Furnishings

Another reason why your shopfitting company must have highly skilled joiners available as part of your project is that they will use special joining methods to connect the various wood pieces together securely in your cabinetry or other furnishings. These methods are different types of joints, including such ones as:

  • Dovetail joints
  • Butt joints
  • Dado joints
  • Mitre joints
  • Tongue and groove joints

3. Joiners Understand the Need for Quality Timber in Their Projects

Shopfitters need to offer the services of professional joiners to ensure that your cabinetry and other wood furnishings contain only quality timber. For example, the bulk of your items should contain solid wood or quality MDF rather than cheap, flimsy particle board that will show wear too quickly.

4. Joiners Protect Their Projects with Attractive, Durable Finishes

The last reason that we would like to share with you about the importance of joiners is that they protect all of their projects with attractive, durable finishes of one nature or another. Today, most understand that they should use only finishes that give off no volatile organic compounds to ensure that they help preserve the air quality inside your shop.

5. Joiners Make Precise Measurements to Ensure Accurate Quotes

Prior to your project starting, joiners will make accurate measurements to ensure that they can provide you with an accurate quote for all of your wood cabinetry or other furnishings. Also, as a result of these measurements, all of these elements will fit perfectly in their allotted spaces in your shop.

For further facts or reasons about why your shopfitter must have highly skilled joiners available for your project, consult with BRL Contracting. We are highly adept at all types of shopfitting situations, including those for pharmacies.


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