Five Retail Shop Fitout Factors That Help Increase Positive Customer Experience

10 April 2018

In today’s competitive retail climate, you must do everything possible to stay successful. One important way to accomplish this is to have an effective and attractive store fitout. When you ensure this, your customers will enjoy their shopping visit and come back for repeat visits. If you fail at this, you may not get a chance to prove that you can take care of their needs in an ideal way. For this reason, we share five retail shop fitout factors that help increase positive customer experience in the following details.

Sensible Layout

Pay close attention to the layout of your store. The aisles should help people navigate through all of your departments easily and not impede them in any way. Also, do not make the aisles too narrow. Customers should be able to pass each other without bumping into each other in the process.

Adequate Lighting

The overhead lighting needs to provide sufficient illumination to enable the customers and your workers to see clearly in all areas of your retail establishment. However, if the lighting is too harsh or bright it will make the store uncomfortable to work and shop in each day.

Pleasant Décor

Your décor should be pleasant to look at and also promote your brand in an effective manner at the same time. Colours such as pale blue and light green are relaxing while red is more invigorating just for some examples on how this décor element can influence your shop’s fitout. Any furniture for customer use should be comfortable and durable. Any branding that you include in your décor needs to be attractive and eye-catching.

Effective Signage

Each department should have a sign over it or at it to help customers find their way to the merchandise that they plan to purchase. Do not just post plain, ordinary signs, though, they should fit in with the rest of your décor and even include additional facts about the products in the department whenever possible.

Include Modern Display Technology in Your Fitout

Today, there are many technological advances in retail displays. You can include interactive screens that provide product information without the aid of a salesperson for one example of this. Mirrors also come in interactive versions that actually show customers different versions of clothes in a virtual manner. LED shelf lighting is yet another example of these advances.

For additional facts about these five fitout factors that help increase positive customer experience or for other ones, contact BRL Contracting. We are dedicated to creating and installing innovative, quality fitout solutions along with other services.


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