Five Stages in Creating a Successful Pharmacy Store Fitout

07 December 2018

Pharmacy stores often are quite busy since they play such an important role in the community. For this reason, pharmacy owners should ensure that their stores are set up in a highly efficient fashion to serve their customers in a non-confusing, effective manner. It is not enough to just offer professional fill services for prescription medications and quality personal-care products. To learn how to create a successful pharmacy store fitout, refer to the following five stages of this process.

1. Know Your Budget and Hire a Professional Fitout Company

Understand the limits of your fitout budget before you hire a professional fitout company. This company should specialise in pharmacy fitouts as well as offering you other related services.

2. Plan Carefully

With the help of the professional fitout company, plan your pharmacy layout, décor and other features carefully. You need to ensure that everything will not only appeal to customers but also make it easy for the pharmacists and other employees to perform their jobs daily.

3. Paint and Enhance Walls in an Attractive Fashion

The walls should be a pleasant colour that is easy on the eyes whether you choose all paint or a combination of treatments to decorate them with in your store. You also can place your store’s name and logo on the wall in a creative fashion along with other eye-catching décor. Let us not forget to mention flooring as part of this section. Your store’s flooring should blend well with your walls and their colour scheme and be easy to care for and durable.

4. Install Sufficient Shelving and Signage

Think of all the products and medications that you need to display on the shopping floor as well as behind the prescription check-in and checkout counter. The shelving for these products and medications should be spacious enough not to crowd the items. Otherwise, your customers and employees will have trouble accessing the items for their various reasons. Also, signage to point the way to each department or group of products is a necessity.

5. Do Not Forget to Include Adequate Lighting

Lighting plays a variety of purposes in a pharmacy store. It helps employees to see clearly to perform their jobs for one thing. It also allows the customers to navigate your store without struggling to see the right path. On top of this, lighting lets your customers read the labels on products to ensure that they want to purchase each item on their list. You must ensure that the lighting is sufficiently bright without being harsh, though, or the customers may not enjoy lingering in your store to make those ever-important impulse buys along with their planned purchases.

For additional information about these five stages of creating a successful pharmacy store fitout, contact our company, BRL Contracting. We skillfully design and install fitouts for pharmacy stores as well as other types of businesses.


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