Five Tips for a Successful Pharmaceutical Fitout

30 January 2017

Pharmacies play an important role in serving the public since they fill medical prescriptions and sell other personal-care products. In order for the consumers to shop comfortably in their establishments, though, these stores must contain the right setup. Otherwise, people will shop elsewhere. If you own or manage a pharmacy at present, you may wonder how you can accomplish the best setup for it. Below, you will discover five tips for a successful pharmaceutical fitout.

1. Sufficient Shelving to Display Products in an Organised Manner

A vital part of any pharmacy fitout is the installation of sufficient shelving units in order for you to display products in an organised manner. Organisation is not only important in the customer aisles in the store, but it is also crucial to the efficiency of your staff members behind the counter where they fill prescriptions.

2. The Entrance and Aisle Width Should Be Wheelchair Accessible

A number of your customers may suffer from disabilities that cause them to use wheelchairs or canes. As a result, the width of the entrance and aisles should be sufficient to allow wheelchair accessibility to your pharmacy.

3. A Pharmaceutical Fitout Needs to Include Adequate Lighting

Your establishment needs adequate lighting in order for your staff members and customers to read the labels on the medications and other products. When the illumination is sufficient for easy reading, there is less confusion filling prescriptions and shopping for necessities and other merchandise.

4. Clear, Quality Signage Is a Necessity

Another tip for a successful pharmaceutical fitout is using quality signs to mark the various departments, merchandise and prescription drugs. In addition, an exterior sign must be easy for all to see in order for people to locate your establishment.

5. Decorate Walls in a Pleasant, Eye-Catching Manner

Our last tip involves the best colours to decorate your walls with in order for them to be pleasant and easy on the eyes. Shades such as soft green, light blue, beige and pastel pink provide a relaxing atmosphere without overwhelming customers’ visual senses. You can accent with deeper shades of red, burgundy, navy blue or even black, but dark shades should not be the base colours on the walls in our opinion.

For further tips for a successful pharmaceutical fitout, consult with our company of BRL Contracting. Since we are experts in all types of retail fitouts, we can guide you in the ideal direction for your own establishment. We also guarantee all of the products, materials and services that we include in your fitout.


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