Five Ways to Upgrade Your Retail Shop Design for 2018

17 January 2018

Now that the New Year is fully underway, it is time to upgrade your retail shop design to increase your profitability effectively. After all, your business should keep growing and prospering with each year in order for you to gain optimum returns on your investment. While you may think that updating your establishment will be expensive beyond what your budget can handle, there are many ways to accomplish this that are quite cost-effective. We share five ideas with you in the following to illustrate what we mean by this.

1. Ensure That Your Layout Is Easy to Navigate for Customers

If your layout is difficult for customers to traverse along, it will decrease the pleasure that they feel shopping in your establishment. Walk through your store as if you were shopping to analyse where you may need to make changes.

2. Use Colours to Create a Pleasant Shopping Atmosphere

Repainting your walls with a fresh coat of a pleasant shade of paint and/or accent colours will enhance your customers’ shopping experience by lifting their moods. When shoppers are in a good mood, they tend to purchase more items than if their mood is dark.

3. Incorporate Current Innovations into Your Retail Shop Design for 2018

Add current innovations to your shop design to upgrade it for 2018. These include such things as levitating displays for bottled items, LED lights on display shelves to accentuate products and interactive screens to provide customers information without the aid of a salesperson.

4. Provide Sufficient Overhead Lighting throughout Your Shop

While dim lighting may set a relaxing, sultry mood to the store, it should not be so dim that your customers have difficulty navigating the store or reading the labels on your products. Install additional fixtures in the ceiling if necessary to ensure that the lighting is adequate all throughout your retail store.

5. You Should Offer Comfortable Rest Zones When Space Allows

Another upgrade that your customers will appreciate is rest zones scattered about the shop when your space allows for them. This allows shoppers to regain their energy during their excursion through your store, and may encourage them to stay longer and purchase additional items. Not all retail shops are large enough to provide this feature, but you are wise if you do this when you have sufficient space to place a chair or two at different points in your layout.

To learn additional ways to upgrade your retail shop design for 2018, contact BRL Contracting. We are experts in all aspects of retail shop outfitting, interior fitouts, site management, pharmacy setups and building maintenance.


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