Global Trends in Retail Store Fitouts for Competitive Branding

25 July 2017

The ideal shopfitting solutions available today are provided by professional, experienced retail fitout companies that offer a complete range of fitout styles and designs for the customer’s ultimate shopping experience and higher sales conversion rates for the store. Presenting all featured merchandise in the most appealing manner possible to increase brand loyalty is all-important in global fitouts today. Currently, customers can easily buy the majority of their favorite brands and products in online stores and marketplaces. For this reason, retail shop, boutique and department store owners and managers are faced with the need to constantly find new and attractive ways of presenting retail store inventories and featured items. They must entice new and returning customers to shop more often and purchase more items to boost sales rates and the store’s loyal client base for greater ongoing levels of profitability.

Current Global Shopfitting Trends in Retail Fitouts for Strong Competitive Branding

Today, there are several types of retail stores that require different emphasis in shopfitting for successful fitouts that strengthen competitive branding, including the following:

  • Flagship Stores. – A retailer’s flagship store is focused on creating the best possible brand presentation rather than on increasing product sales rates. Typically, in a flagship store, only a few chosen items of merchandise are showcased in a large, open and attractive space. The ultimate goal is to impress the customer, winning his or her attention, interest and loyalty for brand products. First, the customer must be impressed with the value of the brand. Flagship layouts and product presentation are designed around the goal of creating a top-tier brand viewing and shopping experience that cannot be equaled in other store settings. The most important result is that the customer or store browser is totally immersed in the fashion and lingering ambiance of the brand style to the degree that he or she will seek this brand out in all future shopping venues for purchasing. For this reason, flagship store fitouts feature luxury, elegance and the most enticing fashions of a brand.
  • Pop-up Stores. – These curious stores are often temporary, partially open stores placed either within larger retail environments or in open areas of shopping malls or esplanades where passersby can easily view and examine featured brand items. These mini-stores and boutiques often display as many different items of brand merchandise as possible to give shoppers a comprehensive overview of what the brand is currently offering. These open showcasing venues for products may feature a combination of older and new brand products, especially for the benefit of shoppers who are new to this brand or not totally familiar with its style and outstanding trends over the past few years. Fitouts for pop-up stores are often more playful, lighthearted and trendy than other types of shop or boutique shopfitting styles. They are usually colorful and designed to attract attention for fast sales of varied brand products on display.
  • Concept Stores. – Concept stores feature multiple brands shown as a group and focused on one concept. They are actually a combination of the traditional department store and modern boutiques. Often, many different types of products are displayed together in these retail settings. For example, current clothing fashions and accessories may be shown in a display that also features videos, food products and novelty gift items. These stores are created to appeal to the customer’s favorite items plus other attractive, somewhat related or familiar and appealing merchandise. Fitout specialists for concept stores use showcases, pedestal tables, counters and shelving that have similar styles or design themes as the featured brand items being shown have to emphasize and celebrate the shopper’s overall retail experience.

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