How Customised Cabinets and Shelves Help in Shopfitting Success

29 March 2017

Use of customised shelving and cabinets in the overall design of your store or showroom refit will help bring you and your business new levels of success. When your professional shopfitter selects expertly styled display cabinetry and shelf space to best exhibit and enhance your merchandise for sale, you will gain new customers and improved conversion rates for your enterprise. Potential new customers and ongoing clients are always attracted to product displays that are creative, visually pleasing and unique in design. When these customised cabinets and shelves complement your merchandise, revealing and emphasizing their main features, consumers are strongly attracted. They often purchase items that they may not have noticed or considered buying before. Your regular customers will often purchase more items than usual due to these highly appealing displays of your latest products.

Attractive Types of Shelving and Cabinetry Often Used in Successful Shopfitting

Your expert shopfitter may suggest a variety of shelf and cabinet types to best promote and exhibit your company products for sale. Some of the most frequently selected types include the following:

  • Upright Glass Showcase Cabinets. – Your shopfitter may advise use of upright displays of your shop merchandise in attractive glass-sided cases. These pleasing vertical showings of your featured sales items draws the attentions of your customers and store browsers, directing their vision up and down the clearly visible product display. This type of merchandise showing is helpful to many buyers in making their sales choices easily, without confusion.
  • Counter Style Display Cases. – Many shoppers still favor the traditional counter style display cabinets, often with glass or mirrored shelves that many successful stores have used for a long time. Especially since shop clerks are often found behind these counter style cases, potential product buyers may be drawn to these displays if they have questions about your merchandise.
  • Wall-Mounted Shelving. – Attractive shelves along the walls of your store or showroom provide a well-organized exhibit of your sales items for shoppers as they walk around your store. When these shelves are composed of appealing polished wood or shining metal and glass, they direct your customers’ attentions and interest to the merchandise displayed.
  • Pedestal Product Display Cabinets. – Artistic wooden, marble or metal pedestal exhibition cabinets are also advantageous for attracting your store visitors and displaying your products for increased sales rates. Especially because this type of display allows customers to view each item from all angles at close range, a pedestal style cabinet or shelf can be of great value in raising your sales numbers for successful business.

By choosing fine quality customised cabinets and shelving for your retail business today, your expert shopfitter can enhance your customer base and sales rates significantly. Whether you favor upright glass displays, appealing wall shelves, creative pedestal cabinets or traditional counter style cases with glass or mirrored shelves to exhibit your featured merchandise, any and all of these cabinet and shelf designs can do wonders in increasing your store’s sales numbers and enhancing your business results. For the very best in expert advice about customised cabinets and shelving for your store or merchandise showroom, contact the professional shopfitters at BRL Contracting in Melbourne today. This top quality team of experts will guide you to the ideal cabinet and shelf designs to best promote and grow your business for ensured future success.


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