How Shopfitters Can Work Their Way to a Successful Modern Pharmacy Design and Layout

22 October 2020

Despite the presence of online stores, many people still prefer to go personally to a pharmacy to purchase their needed products and medications. Believe it or not, most people that belong to older age groups would choose to go to these stores despite the convenience of online transactions and the existence of home delivery services. Given these facts, it is still important for pharmacies to possess design and layout that can be enticing for those who are finding some specific products.

One way to keep pharmacies alive amidst the growth of online shopping is to modernise them and to keep them trendy. Changing the design and layout of a pharmacy can attract a lot of customers and passers-by to go in and purchase some products. Enhancing both the emotional and visual needs of the customers must likewise be the sole purpose of modernising the overall looks of the pharmacy.

For shopfitters, here are some things that you need to remember to effectively create a successful and popular modern pharmacy.

Placement of Products

The placement of products is crucial to every pharmacy as it can affect the way consumers pick and buy their products. And so, all the products in a pharmacy must be placed, stored, or displayed according to their purpose and importance. You must determine which of the products have the highest demand and sales point, and vice versa, so that you can situate them on appropriate shelves and places. You must likewise choose the best products that will only be accessed and should go behind the counter for safety reasons. Select products, however, are intended to be displayed throughout the pharmacy.

Shelving Optimisations

Related to product placement, a modern pharmacy should optimise the functions and capabilities of the shelving system as well as the overall floor plan. Products that are part of the same category must be placed together. Take note, however, that some products do not want to be placed right next to their competitors. The spacing between products within the shelves must also be considered so that consumers would still have the liberty to choose the best products for them. And to help customers shop easily and find their needs, a pharmacy should integrate readable signs and signage to the shelves.

Customer Expectations

A modern pharmacy should not only have great product placement and shelving systems, but it should also meet the needs and expectations of the customers. Customers should not feel overwhelmed by the confusing shelving system. They must also choose and compare products on their own unless they ask for some help. Additionally, pharmacy with knowledgeable staff members can pose positive feedback to customers since they can truly provide solutions or advises. And as for their roaming experience, a pharmacy should have enough space towards its entry points, product displays, and counters.

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