How Shopfitting Can Be Profitable for Your Business

23 March 2020

Shopfitting is often associated with a store or any retail establishments wherein the shelving and merchandising have been designed and manufactured to cater to its sales and storage solutions. The term shopfitters apply to companies and staff that specialise in maximising spaces for marketing purposes. Below are ways how shopfitting can be profitable for your business.

Increases Repeat Sales

Have you ever walked into a retail store and had a difficult time finding anything that you’re looking for? Then when you’ve found it, the item wasn’t displayed properly for you to decide whether you want to buy it or not. Or, you decided to buy, but the available product wasn’t anywhere near the display, and the sizes and colors were impossible to find without plenty of extra help from salespeople? These are the reasons why customers don’t return to a store and will most likely tell their friends about the poor experience they had there as well. A well laid out floor plan, shelving and displays are all what keeps clients returning for repeat sales. Which is why most retail businesses hire shopfitters.

Maximises Product Attraction

When a top shopfitter company lays out the design for a store, they will be taking into consideration the total sales plan in order to maximise the dollars spent from each customer. A quick example would be an auto parts store, where the quarts of oil, which are a low profit percentage item, are located near the oil filters, which are a high profit item. Then, extra tools to help do the job are located on the ends of aisles nearby to capture impulse buys from the customers attracted to the other products. Those tools are some of the highest markup items sold in the store, so making sure they are well displayed and easy to find are worth taking the time.

Ensures Fluid Product Movement

By keeping the products in the store neatly arranged in rows, with merchandise logically grouped together, you can cut down on the number of employees needed to help customers find what they need. Some customers will never ask for help, or will be impatient and leave if there isn’t a sales clerk waiting to locate items immediately, so it’s important that the backup stock for most products is located on the sales floor and easy to find right near the display. Having to search the warehouse for a size or color is a horrible waste of time and expense for the business owner, and not good for customer retention.

Not all shopfitters are going to have the right kinds of shelving and displays to fit every kind of shop, it’s impossible. If you are a new business you will want to pick a certain style that you prefer for your shelving and displays, then search for a company that can supply those at a reasonable price. Consult BRL Contracting for such. We have been delivering quality commercial shopfitting solutions for the past decade. We are equipped with an employee qualified in all facets of shop fitting to ensure a professional result.


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