How to Build Your Brand Image through Your Office Fitout

12 September 2018

A major influence in your company’s success is how well you build your brand image. Where you may have included this fact in all of your promotional materials and campaigns, you might just have overlooked the fact that your office’s fitout can play a crucial role in this endeavour. Do not feel bad since many other companies also leave this out of their office décor in their branding efforts. We are here to explain how to go about this in an effective manner in the following guide.

Include Your Logo and/or Company Name as Part of Your Wall Décor

Your office fitout should include your company’s name and/or logo as part of the wall décor as well as other elements in the office such as the reception desk. Also, you can find numerous other places besides our suggestions depending upon the size and layout of your office.

Exhibit Your Company’s Mission Statement on the Wall in the Reception Area

Another effective branding idea for your office fitout is for you to exhibit your company’s mission statement on the wall in the reception area in order for all who enter to read it. In lieu of this, you can use a motivational phrase or quotation. Have a professional stencil whichever one suits your branding purposes attractively on the wall in a colour that is easy to read against the wall’s main colour.

Use Colours Throughout Your Office That Help Broadcast Your Brand

When colours are part of your promotional materials, logo and company name in some fashion, use these same colours to accent your office to help broadcast your brand efficiently. For example, if your logo is a combination of royal blue and cream, use these two shades for walls, upholstery and other décor elements in your office fitout.

Update Your Fitout Periodically to Keep It Fresh and Effective for Promoting Your Brand Image

Just because your office fitout is effective at branding when you first install it, it does not mean that it will stay so all throughout the years. Typically, most company’s need to update their fitouts to keep impressing all who enter their establishment. You can use the same above suggestions just freshen the look of the office when it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

For additional facts and suggestions about how to build your brand image through your office fitout, consult with BRL Contracting. We have the experience and expertise to deliver eye-catching, innovative and highly functional office fitouts for companies to not only perform their daily duties in, but also to promote their brand image effectively.


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