How to Shopfit Your Small Retail Space in Melbourne

31 August 2020

It is hard to deny the advantage a physical store has over its online counterpart in terms of attention. Having a retail space, no matter the size and flair, can tell a story depending on its aesthetic arrangement even with a small space. More often than not, people perceive small retail spaces as a restriction since there is a limited area to work with. What they fail to consider is the fact that there are creative shopfitting ideas for small retail spaces that can greatly influence sale and customer flow. Below is a guide on how to shopfit your small retail space in Melbourne.

Deceptive Space

Limited space must never limit your creativity. In fact, you can express your authenticity and timelessness with minimalism. As it is with this trend, you can manage a classy and sophisticated retail space by maximising your area specifically through you ceiling and wall fixtures. Create a deceptive space that gives the illusion of height and width. You can do so by incorporating colours that increases an interior space such as white, pastel and neutral hues. These palettes reflect more natural light and with the help of ideally-positioned mirrors, they can expand your small retail space without breaking the bank.

Vertical Shelving

The most common problem for retailers with small space is shelving. They have to find the right spot to display their products in a manner that is easy on the eyes without overcrowding the area. One way of doing so is by using vertical shelving. You could have your joineries customised so you could have a shelving with the most appropriate size and design. Vertical shelving displays multiple products without getting in the way of customers. With vertical shelving, you could also maximise the corners and central pillars for decorations and smaller items

Store-Specific Floor Layouts

One of the things you need to know about small retail spaces is the fact that you must think about increasing your sales with each square metre of the store. However, you must never fail to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You must keep in mind which type of floor layout is easiest and most convenient for those who shop. Overcrowding is not the best option for small retail spaces so you should do your best not to appear disorganised and messy. You must incorporate a straight floor plan with cleaner and wider aisles. Aside from that, a free-flow floor plan could be an option since it would leave your customers with a lasting impression of your store’s sophistication. You could utilise walls and fixtures to establish small spaces within your store, which is why it’s one of the most economical and widely implemented store designs. Consider larger custom-built shelves to designate aisles which organise your products in a way that’s easy to navigate.

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