Ideas on How to Achieve an Eco-friendly and Sustainable Shop Fitout

28 April 2021

A successful retail store can entice a lot of by-passers to enter, appreciate the interiors, and try some products. It can also encourage existing customers to encourage other people to visit the store and come back to purchase more products. All these activities and feedbacks from by-passers, new buyers, and loyal customers lie in the overall appearance and functionality of the store.

The appearance and functionality of a store can be mixed efficiently through a good shop fitout. And today, different fitout companies offer services that would make stores become unique and boast effective and enticing layout and design. But one type of shop fitout that can truly benefit business owners is the integration of an eco-friendly and sustainable fitout design. Caring for the environment does not only benefit the surroundings, but it can also provide substantial savings and revenues to store owners.

To achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable shop fitout, here are some ideas that you can pursue.

Use Carbon-Neutral Materials

One great idea that can help you obtain an eco-friendly and sustainable shop fitout is to utilise carbon-neutral materials. Carbon emissions from products have been known for causing negative effects on the atmosphere. By incorporating materials that do not emit a high amount of carbon, the shop can remain eco-friendly and sustainable for a long time. Some of the materials that can be used for an eco-friendly shop fitout include metal ductwork, reusable shopping bags, water-based low-VOC finishing alternatives, recycled wood products, and energy monitoring and management systems.

Maximise Natural Lighting

Another notable idea that can help you achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable shop is by integrating natural lighting into your artificial lights. Since most of the shops are situated in places that have a great outdoor view and natural lighting, then maximising them can enhance both their overall appearance and functionalities. For your shop, you can fit in some skylights to let the natural light reach some areas of your shop. Large durable windows can also be placed on your store to let natural light come in. As for your artificial lights, you must utilise energy-efficient LED lights to reduce energy consumption.

Incorporate Organic Elements

The design trend for shops can change very quickly. However, one specific style that does not wither easily is the incorporation of organic elements into a store. When designing and planning for your shop fitout, you can opt for natural elements that do not generate a significant environmental footprint and can stay beautiful in the long run. One of the elements that you can utilise is upcycled cardboard, wood, cork, concrete, and glass. Soft furnishings such as printed curtains, promotional flyer holders, and pot plants can also be installed so that you do not have to plan for another redesign and fitout.

To acquire eco-friendly and sustainable fitout for your store, feel free to contact us at BRL Contracting. We can deliver a complete fit-out service from design & construction to providing quality tradespeople and management to fit your needs. With a strong focus on client satisfaction and quality workmanship, we pride ourselves on delivering the best finish every time.


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