Important Aspects of Shop Fitouts That Retailers Should Expect From Their Shopfitters

04 June 2019

Today, retailers face stiff competition not just from physical stores, but also from online sites. As a result, they must use all possible means to stand out from their competitors. Part of this should be to hire professional shopfitters to design and install their entire shop fitout. If you are one of these retailers, refer to the following to learn the important aspects of store fitouts that you need to expect from shopfitters.

A Sensible Layout

The first aspect that you should expect is a layout that is easy to navigate and makes sense for your specific type of retail store. Whether you need a traditional one with aisles or an open layout that boutiques are known for using, the shopfitter needs to supply it in an effective configuration.

Eye-Catching Displays

A qualified shopfitter will provide you with attractive display options that will capture the attention of your customers. Also, these displays need to fit the products that you carry in your store. For example, tables and wall shelves are ideal for displaying shoes or handbags. Another example is platforms for mannequins and clothing items.

Incorporation of Current Technology

All shopfitters today should include the latest technology in their shop fitouts whenever possible. Interactive screens, levitating displays and smart mirrors are just three examples of this.

Durable, Quality Joinery Work

Any joinery work must be durable and expertly performed. After all, a shop fitout is a huge investment for you and other retailers and should last for years without issues.

Expert Project Management

Each fitout needs effective project management to ensure that it goes according to the plans. The shopfitting company should assign an experienced project manager to your fitout for this reason.

Attractive, Easy-to-Read Signage

Professional shopfitters also need to supply signage that is easy to read and attractive. Your outdoor signs should help shoppers locate your shop in a clear, precise fashion, and the interior signs must direct shoppers to all areas of your store in the same manner.

The Right Lighting for Each Area of the Shop

Lighting is an important part of any fitout. Every section of your shop needs non-harsh, adequate navigational lighting along with display lighting. LED fixtures are one of the current popular lighting trends for both goals.

For further details about the important aspects of shop fitouts that retailers should expect from shopfitters, consult with BRL Contracting. We specialise in these fitouts for any type of retail establishment from tea shops to pharmacies. In addition, we can perform interior fitouts for offices or other businesses. Our company also performs building maintenance and provides project management services.


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