Innovative and Tech-Savvy Shopfitting Ideas that Every Store Owners Should Consider

22 March 2017

Strong interest in your brand’s major features and popularity rates of each product or service offered are constantly changing among occasional shoppers, regular buyers and your ongoing client base. You may draw high visibility, increased web traffic and more in-store shoppers as well as greater sales conversion rates by emphasizing the sleek, colorful contours of your new line of soft and durable luggage during its early days on the consumer market. However, you may find it profitable to promote each bag’s convenience and space saving features for busy holiday travel during the spring and summer months.

Especially when vacationing families and students are planning longer trips to exotic and appealing island and seaside destinations, both the popularity and sales rates of your attractive luggage styles will probably be significantly increased by marketing the benefits of their lightweight and compact designs. Expert shopfitters can identify and explain the specific qualities of your brand’s current image that need nurturing, dressing up or downplaying so that your products and services can resume their original shining spotlight in the marketplace.

Fresh Perspectives from Your Shopfitter to Refashion and Strengthen Your Brand Image

When you work with a professional shopfitter who is experienced and dedicated to improving the image and popularity of your company brand and products, he or she may focus on revising marketing emphasis of such valuable brand aspects as the following:

  • Enliven Your Brand Image. – If early marketing and promotional material for your company’s carry-on bags for airline or rail travel placed strong emphasis on their soft, rounded corners and compact size for passenger convenience, change the focus in your new marketing copy to the sturdy, but pliable flexibility of the lightweight bags’ construction for easy stowing in overhead bins or car trunks during trips. Especially during the summer, promote your fresh, new luggage color variations and the bright, attractive newness of your multi-hued luggage sets.
  • Use Vivid Online or Showroom Displays. – Ask for your shopfitter’s advice on designing innovative and vibrant new Internet store or showroom displays of your latest products for customers to view and examine. Your product presentation expert may suggest arranging engaging displays of your fashionable, new luggage pieces in front of vivid video footage or photos of exotic seaside or mountain-top getaways. Colorful, staged store settings such as luxurious poolside resorts and golfing retreats will also draw attention and purchases from your customers, old and new.
  • Boost Your Brand’s Sales Rates with Active Language Use. – When you seek the advice of your professional shopfitter concerning the best marketing language to use for increasing product sales among new and older, loyal customers, your expert’s strong suggestion will most likely be to choose active and compelling language in all new promotional campaigns for your brand. By magnetizing your current and growing client base of travelers with such advice as, “Enjoy living out of our new exotic luggage,” and “Languish in leisure with our luxurious luggage,” you will capture increasingly larger numbers of enthusiastic and active buyers for your latest line of innovative bags.

When you work with BRL Contracting in Victoria, the company’s well-experienced shopfitting team will offer you excellent advice about the best creative methods of showcasing, describing and promoting your brand’s products and services for optimum popularity and sales conversion rates. With this team of top quality merchandise presentation and marketing pros, your brand will rapidly rise to new heights of lasting visibility, credibility and business success.


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