Internal Shop Strip Out and Demolition: A Vital Part Before Starting a Full-Shop Renovation

29 March 2018

To receive ideal results with a full-shop renovation, you may need to hire professional services for an internal shop strip out and demolition. These services clear the way for all of the improvements that you wish to make by removing all unwanted features from the area. With the help of these services, you can start your renovation off on a blank canvas.

What an Internal Shop Strip Out and Demolition Involves

Both demolitions and strip outs are highly specialised processes that prepare buildings for renovation. Professionals who perform these services understand the best, safest way to remove and dispose of all of the debris, including any hazardous materials, such as asbestos. You may require the removal of walls, wiring, flooring, insulation, sheet rock or other elements from the interior of your shop just for some examples.

Reasons to Perform a Shop Strip Out and Demolition

Property owners require demolition and strip out services for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You need a complete restoration from the floor up to return the building to a useful state after flood, fire or storm damage.
  • Your building contains asbestos or other hazardous materials that require removal and disposal for the renovation results to be safe for use.
  • Mould growth can be a major issue, especially since it can start in hidden places. By the time it is on visible surfaces, you can have a severe issue that call for demolishing and stripping out the interior of your structure.
  • At times, foundation issues can cause damage to occur in other parts of your structure that require an internal shop strip out and demolition to address the situation in a quality manner.
  • Wiring or plumbing not up to present code can be another reason for the need to demolish and strip out your shop’s interior prior to a full-shop renovation.

How to Hire the Right Company for the Job

Ensure that the company specialises in demolition and strip out services before you hire it to perform these services for you. Also, it is even more ideal if it is the same company that will perform the renovation for you since it will know your end goal. Check references, the company’s experience and ask to see examples of its work to accomplish this task.

For additional facts about why an internal shop strip out and demolition is necessary prior to a full-shop renovation, contact BRL Contracting. Along with being experts at all types of shopfitting from retail establishments to pharmacies, we also perform internal strip outs and demolitions to prepare the site for renovation. On top of all of this, we offer building and site maintenance, and project management.


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