Keeping Your Branding Image with Customised Restaurant or Café Fitout from Cabinetry to Furniture

15 May 2018

The purpose of a customised restaurant or cafe fitout goes beyond its functionality. It also should carry your branding image throughout the establishment from the cabinetry to the furniture. Regardless of the theme of your cafe or restaurant, you need to keep all your furnishings and decor in that them to ensure that you broadcast your brand loud and clear. Read below to learn how you go about accomplishing this.

Create Your Brand Image

If you are a new restaurant or cafe, you need to create the brand image that you wish to project throughout your business before you can order the ideal fitout for it. Whether you own a formal, French bistro, upscale trendy cafe, casual bar and grill, or other type of establishment, you must decide this at the time of the inception of your company. Once you do, use this image for the rest of our steps here in this information.

Order the Appropriate Style of Cabinetry

When you select the style of your cabinetry, it should complement the image that you wish to broadcast. The traditional style is ideal for a formal restaurant while rustic may be your choice for a casual bar and grill. Modern, though, is the way to proceed with a trendy-upscale brand image.

The Flooring Should Adhere to Your Style

Do not forget to include quality flooring that adheres to your image. You can select from ceramic tiles, hardwoods, laminates, different kinds of stone and other types of materials for your floors. All sorts of colours and patterns also are available on the market today.

Utilise Signage to Broadcast Your Brand and Style

Signs throughout the establishment can point the way to various sections of it, broadcast your logo or even your food offerings. For example, digital signs are in high demand right not if they suit the style of your decor.

Customise the Tables and Chairs, or Booths to Suit Your Brand

Instead of purchasing stock tables, chairs or booths, customise their appearance to enhance your brand image in the ideal manner. By doing this, you can select the metal, timber, fabrics or other materials that go into creating these items along with their basic design.

For further assistance with a customised restaurant or cafe fitout that promotes your branding image in an effective manner, consult with BRL Contracting Services. We bring you years of commercial fitout experience with each job that we perform for you and will guide you in the right direction.

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