Maximise Customer Flow with Your Retail Fitout

19 September 2019

One of the most important aspects of your retail fitout is how the layout of it simplifies the customer flow throughout the store. After all, the floor plan is the foundation of your shop’s fitout. Customer Flow Management is the name of the process that allows you to develop the right layout for your specific shop’s configuration. By using this process, you can fully analyse the route through your store from the customer’s perspective and alter it to maximise customer flow. We provide you with some examples of how to achieve this goal in the following.

A Straight Floor Plan Is Ideal for Small Stores

If you have limited space to work within your retail establishment, consider installing a straight floor plan to optimise customer flow. The basic form of this plan takes customers from the front door to the back of the store in one single aisle with displays on each side. We must point out that this layout is most effective in a rectangular space. For a square floor plan in a small shop, you can alter this basic plan and make it contain one straight centre aisle and two additional aisles with one on each side of the centre. Of course, you will need clear access to the left and right aisles from the centre. With either choice of the straight layout, wall displays and fixtures play an integral role. Our company, BRL Contracting, will devise the right straight floor plan for your location when this is your choice.

An Aisle Floor Plan Provides a Structured Layout That Helps Shoppers Locate Their Merchandise Easily

Another effective way to maximise customer flow is through the use of a grid floor plan. One example of this is the ones most grocery stores use today where there are four aisles around the perimeter of the interior with numerous aisles that are perpendicular to each other inside these outer aisles. Each aisle is clearly marked as to its contents. Also, you need to understand that the aisles need to be spacious enough for shoppers to move around in without them bumping into each other. BRL Contracting is extremely adept with developing and instituting these grid floor plans.

Free-Flow Layouts Can Optimise the Use of Space While Maximising Customer Flow

Open or free-flow floor plans are yet another choice to optimise customer flow, especially in small retail shops, such as boutiques. Placement of product displays in these plans varies widely but can result in a truly unique look and customer shopping experience.

To learn additional information about how to maximise customer flow in your retail store, schedule a consultation with us soon. We specialise in all types of retail fitouts from tea shops to pharmacies. Our company guarantees quality results.


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