Maximising Pharmacy Space Using the Best Shop-Fitting Ideas

24 April 2017

In order to be successful in the pharmacy business today, you must know how to maximise your pharmacy space in an ideal manner for your specific location. You can accomplish this by utilising a variety of shop-fitting ideas. These ideas range from inviting window displays to the efficient organisation of the area for prescription drugs. We elaborate on these ideas below for your benefit and consideration.

Inviting Window Displays to Entice Customers

Instead of windows with various ads in them set up inviting displays of a collection of your bestselling products in an attractive manner. Windows such as this will entice customers to enter your store even when it is not their initial destination. As a result, your daily foot traffic will increase as well as your sales.

The Right Shelving Layout for Easy Customer Access

Ensure that your shelving layout provides for easy customer access to your various products. All shelves should contain pertinent information such as quantity, product name and pricing. Shelving is available in an assortment of styles including wall, freestanding and gondola ones.

Adequate Lighting

A brightly lit pharmacy is a pleasure to shop and work in since all labels are easy to read. Also, a pharmacy with dim lighting may seem depressing and uninviting for consumers to visit to purchase their necessities.

Pleasant Decor

The walls of your establishment need to contain pleasant decor and colours. You also can include your company logo and information, such as the names of the departments if necessary.

Wide Aisles for Comfortable Navigation Through the Pharmacy

Aisles should be of sufficient width to provide comfortable navigation through your establishment. Customers need to be able to pass each other in these aisles without bumping into each other and to accommodate shopping trolleys if you provide these elements to your customers.

Efficient Organisation of Prescription Drugs

For the sake of accuracy, efficient organisation of the area for prescription drugs is a necessity. Adequate shelving for storage of these drugs, clear labeling and sufficient lighting have to be a priority in this area to ensure that the pharmacists and their assistants can work in an timely, safe and accurate manner.

Meet with our experts here at BRL Contracting to learn further facts about the above and other shop-fitting ideas that will maximise your pharmacy location in the best manner. We provide innovative, attractive and quality shop-fitting solutions for a variety of commercial establishments along with a guarantee of satisfaction for our products, materials and workmanship.


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