Planned Shopfitting for Better Product Displays

14 October 2016

When retail establishments capture the attention of their customers in an efficient manner, often times, it results in an increase in sales. If sales are lagging, the first thing that these businesses need to consider is how to improve the way that they showcase their products. Planned shopfitting for better product displays is the professional way to accomplish this task. Professional contracting companies that specialise in outfitting retail shops and stores in an attractive, effective manner bring to you and other retailers unique ideas and products.

Definition of Planned Shopfitting

Planned shopfitting involves setting up the interior and exterior areas of retail stores various elements to catch the eye and interest of the customers. These elements include such items as display racks, signage and the latest in merchandising technology. The professional shopfitter also offers presentation advice and guidance.

Benefits of Using Professionals to Outfit Your Retail Store

When you turn to professionals to outfit your retail store, you receive their expertise in the field. They understand the best way to present your specific products to consumers to encourage them to purchase them. In addition, these professionals develop a relaxing, attractive atmosphere that encourages shoppers to linger in the store long enough to spot and buy the items not on their lists.

Considerations for Proper Shopfitting

  • The first consideration for effective shopfitting is the layout of the store. Your aisles need to lead to specific departments so your customers will notice the merchandise displays. Once this layout is set, the professional shopfitters will understand where to locate your improved product displays.
  • Illuminated displays are available today that enhance the ability of the consumers to find the desired products. You can use these to showcase jewellery, cosmetics, candles and various other products. In addition, spotlights on mannequins help to highlight the latest style offerings.
  • Custom-made shelves on the walls make ideal displays for such pieces of merchandise as shoes and purses. Numerous configurations are possible with these shelves attached to prominent walls in your store.
  • On top of the above shelves, customised cabinets and tables are effective for gift items, sale merchandise or new products that need extra notice.
  • Planned shopfitting for better product displays also can include interactive screens and mirrors today. Both allow customers to discover further product information without the need of a sales associate.
  • Discuss your needs for planned shopfitting for better product displays with BRL Contracting. We are experts in delivering quality solutions for commercial and retail shopfitting.


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