Practical Ideas for a Bakeshop Fitout in Melbourne

08 August 2019

Bakeshops have increased in popularity here in Melbourne in recent years, and this has created a lot of competition between the shops. If you own one of these shops, you must do everything possible to stand out from the rest in your area to ensure success and optimal profitability. It all starts with your bakeshop’s fitout that needs to be highly functional, attractive, comfortable, and welcoming. Below, you will discover some cost-effective ways to accomplish this.

1. Lease or Purchase the Right Size Building for Your Purposes

Be certain to choose the size and cost of your location carefully whether you are leasing or buying it. Your incoming profits must be able to handle the monthly rent or mortgage payments easily or your business will suffer drastically. Choose a location that provides sufficient space without wasting unused space.

2. Outfit Your Kitchen with All the Necessities

The kitchen setup is crucial for you being able to bake your bread and other delectable baked goods. Along with commercial stove and ovens to bake everything in, you will need countertops to work on to mix and perform other prep on efficiently. While stainless steel is the norm for many bakeshops, you also may opt for timber, concrete, stone or engineered stone ones if the public can view your work area. Sinks of stainless steel will last for years.

3. The Customer Area Needs to Be Warm and Welcoming

Another part of your fitout that needs special attention is the customer area. Whether you offer an eating setup with tables or just a counter area to order goods to go, it needs to be warm and inviting for customers to feel comfortable in your bakeshop during their visit. Tables and chairs should be of wood for a true earthy feel and look to the shop, and the décor needs to complement this earthiness just to provide you with a visual.

4. Displays Should Showcase Your Products in an Attention-Grabbing Way

Well-lit glass displays will showcase your products in such a way as to cause your customers to salivate at the prospect of eating them. In addition, these cases will protect your breads and other products from dust and other contaminants.

5. Your Shopfront Needs to Entice Customers Into Entering Your Bakeshop

Do not forget to make your shopfront as enticing as your baked goods and interior design are. After all, it is the first impression prospective and present customers receive of your bakeshop.

For further information about practical ideas for a bakeshop fitout, consult with BRL Contracting. We will design and install a highly functional and an attractive fitout for your business.


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