Reconfiguration and Renovation Shopfitting for Covid-19 Safety Precautions

04 December 2020

The threat of the COVID-19 virus is still out there, which is why shop owners have to enact some changes that will help protect their business as well as their beloved clients. Proper physical distancing, as well as personal hygiene, are both effective in alleviating the spread of the virus within the shop premises. And for shops to effectively enact these helpful measures, their respective owners can reconfigure the way their spaces are designed and created. If a store has a layout that will make customers interact very closely to store personnel, then it will not certainly help to reduce the spread of the virus.

Shopfitting Designs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

One effective shopfitting design during the current global health crisis is the integration of a wide array of signages. Both the customers and store personnel have to follow the direction of where they can walk or pass through. Some visuals will likewise be intended to remind all the people inside the premises to follow physical distancing, proper wearing of masks, and other needed safety protocols. The use of signage can break some great looking aesthetics, but it can truly help to alleviate the spread of the virus.

Another shopfitting design that is fitting during these times is the occurrence of fresh air or a high-level indoor pollution filtration system. While the transmission of the virus has not been considered to be airborne, incorporating fresh air inside the store can help get rid of microbes that can make people sick. Indoor pollution filtration can help refresh the quality of air inside the store premises. The presence of fresh air can likewise be perfect if the spaces between aisles will be wider for proper physical distancing.

The addition of numerous helpful things and equipment would also now be prevalent to the current shopfitting design. Screens that are made from glass and other durable transparent materials can be used in separating customers from store personnel. The installation of cashless payment devices can also be done to avoid cash payment. Doors, taps, and soap dispensers with sensors can likewise be included in modern shopfitting design, disabling people from touching them directly.

Safe Practices Throughout the Shopfitting Project

While the shopfitting project is going on, shop owners, their employees, and tradespeople must all follow safe practices to avoid contracting the virus. One practice that should be done during the shopfitting project is to maintain the practice of physical distancing. Some shop owners would implement changes in the work schedule of their employees just to limit the number of people in one area at a particular time. Others, alternatively, would opt for closing their shops temporarily to the public until the project is done.

Another safe practice that must be done during the project is to ensure that all employees and tradespeople will follow personal hygiene. From washing their hands thoroughly to covering their mouths whenever they sneeze or cough can already make a huge difference in terms of preventing the spread of the virus. The proper wearing of personal protective equipment such as masks or gloves during works can likewise be done to prevent any microbes from reaching their respective body systems.

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