Rustic Style Fitout Inspiration: Why It Is a Cool Choice for Cafes and Bars

13 December 2018

Owners of cafes and bars need to pay attention to every aspect of their fitouts to ensure that the décor is relaxing and fun at the same time. While some choose hip and modern setups and décor, others turn to the rustic style for their inspiration. The latter choice is so organic in nature that the customers cannot help but relax and enjoy their stay in the bars or cafes that choose this style for their décor. If you own one of these establishments, read on to discover why we think that the rustic décor is the cool choice for your fitout.

Definition of Rustic

Before we provide why you should turn to the rustic style for your bar or café, we will give you a brief description of this style. Rustic style is a celebration of nature in its own charming way. It embraces earthy colours, timber elements and rugged textures to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is unpretentious. Once it used to be quite dark in appearance, but it has transformed over the years to incorporate the lighter colours as well. Rustic is casual and relaxing instead of being elegant, busy, simple or hectic as with other styles.

Rustic Furnishings Draw Customers to Your Establishment

Customers will eagerly enter your bar or café when they first notice the rustic furnishings and décor. Remember that they are seeking a relaxing, fun atmosphere to have a few drinks, some good food and a chat with friends in on the weekends or after work. As a result of this influx of customers, your business will be more profitable.

Rustic Soothes and Relaxes Customers and Helps Them Linger a Bit Longer

The truth is that rustic décor is so soothing and relaxing that your customers will linger, not willing to leave quickly. They will order more drinks and/or food just to be able to enjoy the atmosphere a bit longer. This on top of the above reason will also help increase your customer flow.

Rustic Style Is Easy to Maintain

Another reason to turn to a rustic style fitout for your café or bar is the fact that the furnishings and décor will be easy to care for and maintain over the years. The timber elements will require just a quick dusting each day and you may have to polish or reseal certain elements periodically. Also, any fabrics connected with your décor typically are durable and washable.

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