Shop Fitouts for the Holidays That Will Make Online Shopping Simply Boring

08 November 2017

With Internet shopping being so readily available today, you must utilise fabulous shop fitout ideas for the holidays to create such an exciting atmosphere that shoppers will flock to your store. You can even make online shopping seem boring in comparison with the right combination of elements in your fitout. While certain ideas may call for additional furnishings, other ones are easy to accomplish with existing elements in your shop.

Create a Festive Atmosphere

Decorate the store with the appropriate items to create a festive atmosphere in the interior and on the exterior of your shop. Start at the outside entrance to your store, including the display windows, and keep the holiday theme throughout the entire store to accomplish this goal.

Utilise the Latest in Technology in Your Displays

Today, there are interactive screens that turn dull displays into digital information centres that customers can access without the help of a salesperson. As a result, they can learn what they need to know to purchase items quickly and this increases your sales potential. Other ideas for including modern technology into your displays are lighting sheets for shelving when power outlets are available or levitating displays to bring attention to bottled items. Digital signs also broadcast information in an effective, eye-catching manner.

Place Samples at the Front Door If Applicable

When you sell items such as edibles, colognes or makeup, place samples right inside the front door of your establishment to welcome your shoppers. Customers are more likely to purchase certain products when they can try them out through samples first. You may make these samples your new products in order to introduce them to customers in a favourable way.

Organise Your Shop for Easy Navigation

You should always ensure that the layout of your shop is easy to navigate, but this is doubly important during the holidays. Shoppers will be frantic enough about locating the right gifts for everyone without having difficulty moving around through your store. In fact, if your store is confusing to shop in, the customers will turn elsewhere.

Highlight Specials throughout the Store in an Eye-Catching Manner

Use table and other types of displays along the aisles to highlight the various specials in each department of your shop. Be certain to arrange the merchandise in an eye-catching way to entice the customers to leave their intended path to examine the specials.

Consult with BRL Contracting for additional fitout ideas and furnishings to create such an ambiance in your shop that customers will turn their backs on boring online shopping to enjoy your festive atmosphere. We provide expert shopfitting and construction services.


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