Shop Fitting Guide: How to Fit Out a New Shop

13 December 2019

Whether you are new in the business or not, you know that the design language and layout of your shop can have a huge impact on your revenue. There are times that your store has attracted a lot of consumers out of a specific arrangement of your shop. However, after remodelling and retrofitting, your consumers have decreased by a slight margin. This decline may be related to your new fit out, which makes it crucial for you to try fitting out again.

Every location has different set of people. Hence, it is crucial for you to study the demographics of your prospect location so that you’ll know the suited fit out for your new shop. Aside from the people, the products or services that you offer may differ from other existing shops, which make it crucial for you to target the right people for your business to bloom. To target the right people, you need to attract them by effectively fitting out your new shop and follow these helpful tips.

Plan Your Shop Space

First tip on fitting out your new shop is to plan and map out the path of your customers, as well as the things that you want them to see as they walk from one place to another. Put all tempting and enticing things in the right direction of your store, since it is the place most visitors go to when they enter the store. Come up with a lighting theme that can boost the elegant vibe on your store as well as a clear vision of all your offerings.

Aside from your consumers, you also need to plan for the safety, security, and convenience of you and your employees. Look out for corners that may be suitable to install some cameras or alarm systems, or the size of a room required for your stockpile or cooling and power equipment.

Set Your Realistic Budget

After planning your shop space, you must see to it that you can afford whatever plans you have in mind. There is a chance that your listed things and planned layout can change because of budget restrictions. So, go back to your list and identify the most important things in your shopping space and leave other things for now. Unnecessary fixtures and fittings can affect you financially, and that you can always buy them at the right time. Invest only on things that matter in your new shop.

Hire a Shop Fit Out Expert

You may try to decorate your shop according to your liking, but the science behind attracting consumers won’t be that easy as you think. Designing the layout of your own home is different from the layout of your shop since your home doesn’t need to attract other people to go inside your property. To help you achieve a high number of customers, you need to hire experts in shop fitting. Fit out experts know where to place specific things and furniture around your shop. They are also experts in solving health and safety issues and looking out for potential trips and fire hazards. Most importantly, they know a lot of contacts when it comes to the supplier of things, which can be a good deal for you if you intend to save money.

Purchase All Necessary Things

After negotiating with fit out experts, it is time for you to buy all the necessary furniture, fixtures, and equipment for your shop. To effectively display your products, you will need shelving units, display stands, and railings. Make sure that all these storage units have the right dimensions so that they can hold the weight of your products. You must also need a counter to accept payment and pack goods. Your counter may consist of a till and electronic point of sale (EPOS) system to process different kinds of payment. A cash register is also needed for customers who don’t use credit cards.

Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and CCTV cameras are a must if you want to enhance the security of your shop. Then, have them tested to ensure that they won’t fail when an emergency arises.

Fitting out your new shop, with the help of experts, can guarantee you high foot traffic over your shop in just a few days after you open. Do you have any questions about the fitting out shops? Then contact us now at BRL Contracting.


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