Shopfitting: Best Shop Interior Designs and Trendy Colours for 2019

15 January 2019

One rule of shopfitting is for your store to look as updated as possible at all times. You may fear that you need to totally renovate your store to accomplish this, but this is not necessarily the case. An action such as this is typically only merited if you have let your store fall way behind the times. Many times, it just takes a simple remodel to incorporate some of the following best shop interior designs and trendy colours for 2019 into your existing store layout.

Digital Signage Is Still a Top Way to Grab the Attention of Your Customers in 2019

The best way to grab your customers’ attention to steer them into the store or to products that you wish to sell will still be digital signage in 2019. Each year, there are innovations made in this signage to keep it modern and enticing.

Guide Your Customers Through Your Store in an Uncomplicated Fashion

When your customers enter your store, they should be able to discover all of their purchases via an uncomplicated route. This holds true whether you have a traditional grid layout or an informal one. Customers will not shop as much in stores that complicate their layouts.

Add a Green Wall When Possible

When there is a wall not in use displaying your products, turn it into a green wall with various plants. A touch of nature will relax your customers and make them linger a bit longer in your store. The longer that they stay, the more sales that you will make in most cases.

Use Accent Walls to Add Pizzazz to Your Store

Store owners should add the stylish touch of accent walls to enhance their store’s décor in 2019. You and others can accomplish this by simply painting the wall a different colour than the other walls are to make the wall stand out.

Mirrors Always Are in Style to Create the Illusion of Space

In 2019, mirrors will still be in style, especially when it comes to creating the illusion of additional space in a small store. Mirrors reflect the light and images back into the room to achieve this type of effect.

Make Certain to Decorate With the Trendy Colours of 2019

Be certain to use some of the following trending colours of 2019 to achieve an updated look in your store:

• Different shades of medium to dark green
• Sand
• Hazelnut
• Grey with a hint of lilac in it
• Light clay
• Blues are back in
• Mushroom

For further details about the best shop interior designs and trendy colours for 2019, contact BRL Contracting. Our company performs expert shopfitting projects all throughout the year. We ensure that each project comes to completion in a manner that suits each store’s need in an optimal fashion.


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