Shopfitting for Beauty Salons: Tips in Choosing the Right Interior Design and Joinery Elements

24 September 2018

Shopfitting is a broad term for describing the act of creating the right layout for a variety of consumer-oriented businesses, including hairdressing or beauty salons. In order for you to receive only quality results from this act, you must choose the right interior design and joinery elements. After all, you must develop a plan that includes highly functional features and attractive décor for the shopfit of your beauty or hairdressing salon to be as helpful as possible in your goal to reach and/or maintain profitability. To help you in your endeavour, we provide you with the following tips on selecting the correct joinery elements and interior design for your salon.

Divide Your Salon into Sections

Before you can draw up an effective plan, you must divide your salon into sections, so you can address each section’s needs. After all, the reception area needs different elements than the styling area and so on. Once you have the salon divided, then, you can proceed to add the important elements.

Reception Area Needs to Be Warm and Welcoming

Your reception area should be warm and welcoming. It also needs a reception desk in order for you to be able to address customers’ request for appointments, to greet guests from and collect payments if necessary. This area also should contain comfortable seating for those customers who need to wait for their appointment time.

Styling Stations Require Shelving and Chairs

Remember that styling stations need room for both chairs and shelving in order to be efficient for your stylists to work at each day. The shelving should be made from durable materials that can stand up to moisture, heat and possible chemical contact.

Shampoo Area Need Adequate Plumbing and Related Fixtures Along With Cabinetry

The shampoo area requires special adjustable seating, adequate plumbing and plumbing related fixtures. Also, you must include cabinets that will hold the shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments that you apply in this area of your salon.

Décor Should Be Relaxing and Soothing

Throughout your salon, the décor should be relaxing and soothing. You want your customers to release the tension of the day as soon as they walk into your salon to ensure that they have the most pleasurable experience possible.

Quality Joinery Is Necessary for Wall Trim and Cabinetry

Only quality joinery will ensure that your cabinetry and wall trim is as durable as possible for your beauty salon. When you include this with the right décor and functional elements, you will succeed in creating the perfect shopfit for a salon.

For further tips in choosing the right interior design and joinery, consult with BRL Contracting. Our company has years of expertise in shopfitting, site management, interior fitouts, pharmacy fitouts and building maintenance.


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