Shopfitting Ideas That Will Make Your Retail Store Look Bigger

27 February 2017

When you own a retail store that contains limited space, it is a challenge to provide with a spacious feel through your fitout efforts unless you learn the right way to go about it. Your goal with your setup, layout and decorating scheme needs to be to make your shop look bigger than it is in an effective manner. If you fail at this, your small retail space may cause your customers to feel cramped and crowded shopping in it. For this reason and others, we offer you the following five shopfitting ideas that will help you accomplish this task in an eye-catching, functional way.

1. Light Coloured Walls and Flooring

Paint the walls a light colour, such as soft green, pale blue, pastel pink, light gray, white or off-white. Dark walls will close the store in while light walls create an open feeling. In addition, avoid dark flooring and opt for one of the lighter shades for the flooring.

2. Hang Mirrors for the Illusion of Space

At strategic locations in the store, hang mirrors to create an illusion of space. They reflect the light and images of the shop back into the room to elongate or widen the area visually depending upon the location of the mirrors. If you are a clothing store, chances are that you already do this to a certain extent. You only may need to increase the number of mirrors.

3. Modern Furnishings with Sleek Lines

In a small shop, the furnishings should be modern and minimalist in design. When they are, the furnishings require on a modest amount of floor space.

4. Provide Adequate Lighting from Natural and Artificial Sources

Light the store adequately with natural and artificial sources. A bright shop area has a more spacious appearance in comparison to a dim and dark one.

5. Effectively Utilise Your Vertical Space

With a small retail store, you should utilise your vertical space fully for display and storage purposes. Remember to do this in a highly functional and attractive way. You can install shelving or cabinetry on the walls all the way up to the ceiling to reserve your floor space for customer browsing and shopping purposes. Paint or stain these elements in keeping with our suggestion in number one on this list.

BRL Contracting will assist you with further information and details on these and other shopfitting ideas that will make your retail store look larger when it contains limited space. We also can help bring these ideas to fruition in a highly effective, attractive and functional manner.


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