Signs That Your Shop Fitout Is Not Working Well for Your Business

15 May 2019

When your shop is not as successful as you need it to be, the first thing to analyse is your shop fitout. You should ask yourself if it is effective at drawing in customers at the right rate. To know the true answer to this, though, you will need to understand the following signs that show you that it is not working well for your business.

Customers Have Difficulty Navigating Your Shop

If your aisles are too narrow or do not follow a sensible path, you customers may have a hard time navigating your store to find their needs or wants. As soon as you notice that this is happening, it is time to change your fitout.

Displays of New Products are Not Capturing the Attention of Customers

Another sign of your fitout not working for you is when the customers pass by your displays of new products without even slowing down for a look. These displays and all others for that fact should be eye-catching enough to stop the customers in their tracks during their shopping trip in your store.

Fewer Customers Are Shopping in the Store

An inadequate shop fitout will chase the customers away. They will turn to other stores, so if you customer numbers are dwindling, plan a fitout refurbishment.

Customers Complain about the Crowded Racks and Narrow Aisles

At times, customers will complain about your shop’s fitout, especially if the aisles are too narrow or the racks are too crammed full for them to browse easily. Excess stock should be in the back storeroom rather than on the racks, but you might need to redo your fitout completely to widen the aisles.

You Need to Refresh Your Décor

Through the years, your décor can become outdated or a bit frazzled looking. A fresh coat of paint and some new decorations will brighten your fitout up and also update it.

Your Signage Is Inadequate

One last sign that your fitout is inadequate is that your signage does not stand out sufficiently to point the way into or through your shop. You may need to replace only your exterior signs, but it is a possibility that you also need to install new interior signs.

For further details about the signs that your shop fitout is not working well for you, turn to BRL Contracting. Our expertise is in the field of shop fitouts for all types of stores from candle shops to pharmacies. With your input and our ideas, we will transform your shop into a successful, enticing store.


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