Stunning Fitout Ideas for a Bakery and Pastry Shop

14 July 2020

The overall appearance and vibe of a store usually create an impact on customers who are passing by or going in. And given the impact of fitout to shops, it is not surprising why many business owners allocate their time and resources in designing and creating the best fitout possible. Owners of bakeries or pastry shops do this step seriously since the competition among them can be extremely tough. If you have a bakery or pastry shop, the following are some stunning fitout ideas that you can use to effectively attract customers, boost product sales, and enhance brand awareness among your target market.

Enhance the Kitchen Appearance

Furniture pieces that are made from wood are great for bakery and pastry shop kitchens, especially if the preparation process will be visible to the public. Wood furniture pieces can have different designs and structures that are stunning to the eyes. Additionally, these furniture pieces, particularly the prep tables and benches, can effectively draw away excess moisture from the dough. They can be expensive, but the overall value of these furniture pieces can help draw more and more customers in the long run.

Another material option for your bakery and pastry shop kitchen is natural stone. Stone prep tables and benches can also enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen because of their natural properties. They are also durable and can bring comfort to employees who will be working with them. However, they can be costly and would require regular maintenance because of their porosity.

Boosting the Interior and Display

Both the interior of the bakery or pastry shop and its display must work together to produce a fitout that is enticing to customers and visitors. Your interiors must be warm and inviting so that customers will go in and buy high-quality food products from your store. One great material for a warm and inviting bakery and pastry shop is wood as it exudes warmth and welcoming texture due to its grain and tones. Any furnishings and finishes made from wood can add a sense of being at home. The inclusion of wooden counter, tables, and chairs can also boost the appearance of the interiors.

Complementing the warmth of wood is the use of stone and marble. Stone counters and feature walls add rustic charm to the interiors of the shop, while marble slabs can bring beauty to the overall appearance of the store. Marble materials also age beautifully, which makes them valuable and cost-effective.

The way your products are displayed must also be done attractively. Food items must always be protected from damaging elements, so keeping them in glass cases is a grand way of storing and, at the same time, showcasing them to the public. Remember to keep your glass cases and cabinets clean all the time to maintain their grand appearance. The use of bread baskets is also great for displaying your products since they manifest the same rustic appearance that stone products offer.

Inviting Customers with Shopfront

The presence of high windows in your store can easily allow customers and passers-by to take a good look at your food products and lovely interiors. These windows also allow natural lighting to get in the store, which can add a surreal effect to the way your store is built and structured. This light also lets your space feel larger and more accessible to customers.

A great bakery or pastry shop fitout can make your business more marketable to people and your target consumers. If you are thinking of fitting out your bakery or pastry shop, feel free to contact us at BRL Contracting.

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