Successful Shopfitting by Positioning Your Store Shelves the Right Way

29 January 2018

One secret of successful shopfitting is the positioning of your store shelves in the proper manner. When customers have difficulty finding products due to poor shelf placement, they will turn to other stores for their needs. Shelving needs to be positioned in a convenient manner for the customers and not just for your stocking purposes. The layout for these elements vary drastically from store to store and the type of business it is, but the following are tips that all store owners should keep in mind to position their shelves in an effective fashion.

Plan for Sufficient Space Between the Shelves

When creating the layout of your shelves, remember to add sufficient space in between the units for your aisles to ensure that your customers can navigate through your store easily. Two customers should be able to pass each other in the aisles without hassle.

Use Common Sense in Positioning Your Store Shelves

Think about your own shopping experiences through stores. Think about how those stores positioned their shelves, especially if you had an easy time navigating them. Take this and combine it with your own common sense before setting out to enact your shelf layout.

Effectively Use All of the Areas of Your Store

Do not position the all of the shelves in the middle of the store only to leave the wall space empty. Line the walls with shelves as well to fully utilise your store’s available space. Often times, the perimeter of stores are wasted and used only for decoration. Avoid making this mistake.

Clients Notice Eye-Level Products First During Their Shopping Trip

Make sure to situate your shelves so that some are at eye-level for the products that you want your customers to notice first during their visit to your store. These are the ideal shelves for popular products as well as new ones that you need to introduce to clients for the first time. Also, slow movers go on the bottom shelves while moderate movers are fine on the upper shelves.

Special or Sales Items Need a Place of Honour

Along with your normal shelves, you may also include smaller units to locate on the main aisles. On these units, you should place your sales or special items on them. Of course, this is dependent upon the size and overall layout of the store.

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