The Best and Most Effective Ways to Save on Shopfitting Expenses

07 October 2019

Shopfitting is the act of creating highly functional and attractive commercial spaces for use by a wide variety of businesses that range from restaurants to pharmacies. Projects involving this act can be quite expensive if you are not careful with your available funds. For this reason, we provide you with the best and most effective methods for saving on shopfitting expenses in the following.

1. Know Your Budgetary Limits

Understanding the extent of your available funds for your shopfitting project is the first step in saving money. This provides you with a monetary limit for your plans. You should stay to this limit as much as humanly possible.

2. Hire an Expert Shopfitting Company to Start the Planning Process

Many shop owners make the mistake of creating their own plan without the guidance from a professional shopfitting company. Numerous mistakes are made by doing this, and it will cost extra to solve the issues that these errors cause.

3. An Open-Plan Design Costs Less than a Traditional One

Another cost-saving step is to use an open-plan design since it is less expensive than the walled areas in a traditional shopfit. In the event that your commercial space already comes walled, though, this choice would cost you more, so you must analyse your specific situation to see if an open-plan layout will work for you.

4. Custom Joinery Lasts Longer and Brings a High Return on Your Investment

Even though stock options are plentiful in shopfit furnishings and detailing elements, they need to be replaced more often than if you choose custom joinery to create these necessities. Custom joinery contains higher quality materials and craftsmanship than stock options do, and this helps the items created with it last longer to bring you a better return on your investment.

5. Reuse Current Displays and Furnishings When You are Refurbishing

An additional way to save on shopfitting when you are remodelling a commercial establishment is to reuse any furnishings and displays that you can instead of purchasing new ones. You can accomplish this by restoring the furnishings or displays to their original condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

For further guidance on the best and most effective ways to save on shopfitting expenses, consult with BRL Contracting. We provide proficient shopfitting services for numerous types of businesses. Whether you own a tea shop, jewellery store, hair styling shop, pharmacy or other type of shop, we can deliver the ideal shopfit for your purposes. All designs, materials and workmanship come with a guarantee of satisfaction.


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