The Impact of Visual Merchandising in a Retail Store: Why There Is a Need for Awesome Shopfitting Displays

15 July 2016

One of the most effective ways to increase sales is by offering visually appealing shopfitting displays throughout your retail establishment. Displays such as these will increase customer interest in products that the customers may or may not be aware of and as a result, might increase sales. Another way to accomplish a boost in revenue is by posting quality signage in the store to allow the customers to discover the various departments where they will discover the attractive and captivating displays that you create and install to highlight different types of merchandise. Both signage and displays should be a major part of your visual merchandising strategy in order for your store to obtain optimal success. Follow the tips below to ensure your strategy is effective for your store’s needs.

1. Speak to Your Target Audience

Your store displays should speak to your target audience. For example, if your shop sells children’s clothing, you want to target parents since they are the ones purchasing the clothes for their sons and daughters. On the other hand, if your store sells toys, the display must attract the attention of both children and their parents. The children will tell their parents that they would love to own the toys in the display in such a way that the parents are driven to purchase them.

2. Appeal to all of the Customer’s Senses

Remember that your customers have five senses, namely sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. Add elements that stimulate as many of these senses as possible to your shopfitting displays to accomplish successful visual merchandising. A few examples of this are perfume displays that contain testers or samples, food samples when you sell edibles or soft music playing throughout the store. Of course, you should pair all these examples with your visually appealing displays.

3. Lighting Plays an Integral Role in Displays

Install spotlights or other lighting options to enhance the displays. This will help draw attention to the items in them and help your customers view all the details of said items.

4. Utilise Colours Effectively to Capture the Customer’s Attention

Even monochrome displays are effective at capturing the attention of customers when you plan them correctly. If you are holding a ‘white sale’, displays with only white pillowcases, sheets and towels adhere to this theme. Of course, a splash of red or mixing complementary colours together also will work to grab the attention of the shoppers when the displays include clothing or accessory items.

5. Signage Should Broadcast a Clear Message

Signage should include a clear message to inform your customers of the brand of your store, the various departments in the store, where the restrooms are, what ingredients or materials are in products, or other messages that help your customers shop with ease and purchase products at your store. All signage should be attractive along with informative.

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