The Psychological Effects of Shop Fitout to Customers

06 November 2020

The fitout of a store is pivotal to the overall performance and profitability of the business. It typically revolves around the strategic placement of each element of the store that will make it enticing for potential and returning customers. Most business owners would usually hire professionals who can effectively design the overall fitout of their businesses, carrying the main goal of attracting customers and people who are passing by to enter their shops or stores, as well as establishing connections with them.

There are some things about your customers that you must consider when thinking of your shop fitout. Some of these things are as follows:

They are Curious

Most people who are passing by stores will only enter the ones that they find the display eye-catching. Having eye-catching displays does not mean that they must be colourful and grand. Grabbing their attention through your displays can be done by placing some items and products that may not be that important but are precedent to the products that are truly significant to most people. Additionally, you can place some seasonal items right in front of your store since some people tend to buy them impulsively.

They are Observant

One part of the store that must be prioritised in a shop fitout is the window display. This specific area serves as the main gateway between your potential customers and the offerings that you intended to sell. Your window display must already clearly determine your store type, a glimpse of some products or services you are selling, and the ambiance of your store. A lot of customers will only enter your store if they feel that your store possesses their needs or welcomes them wholeheartedly.

They are Practical

Some stores have very high shelves. The presence of these shelves might be effective for some establishments. However, other establishments would do just fine even without these shelves. Customers are known to be practical. If they cannot reach their desired product situated on the higher portion of the shelves, then they would just simply get other products. One great fitout tip that you can do is to obtain shelves that are within the average eye-level of your customers so you can sell more items.

They are Wanderers

What makes customers wanderers is that they often walk around the shop easily. Given this fact, your natural goal for your shop fitout is to steer them in the right direction. They may ultimately get to the place where their needed items are located but subtly controlling the way they roam around the store already guarantees you more items being purchased along the way. Placing some striking products at the end of each aisle can prevent your customers from getting bored. Widening the path that they walk into can likewise provide them the space they need as they roam around.

Knowing the most common behaviours of your customers allows you to design a fitout design that fits your store best and psychologically affects their purchase behaviours. For shop fitout projects, feel free to contact us at BRL Contracting.


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