Things to Consider When Engaging with a Melbourne Commercial Shopfitter

02 December 2019

Even if you are selling well with online selling, you are dedicated in building a physical shop for more expanded visibility. And finally, after years of relying purely on online selling, you have now sufficient funds to build and construct a physical shop right next to your neighbourhood. You have selected the best location for your shop, where foot traffic and consumer demographics seem to be in your favour. The footprint of your shop is all set. However, you still have a problem with the appearance and layout your shop should have.

The solution to this problem is shop fitting. Shopfitting entails the process of planning, designing, and installing the necessary equipment, fixtures, and fittings that are suitable for the business nature of a shop. Nowadays, companies that are engaged in commercial shopfitting services are growing in numbers. And with the abundance of options, business owners are torn on which one they should hire.

As a guide, here are the following things that you, business owners, must consider when engaging with commercial shopfitters, especially here in Melbourne.

Credibility and Experience

Perhaps one of the most important factors when hiring shopfitters is their credibility and experiences. Don’t ever rely on the years of their operations, since time does not necessarily translate to the experience of the shopfitters. Some companies have just started but can already provide excellent services. To know if they are fit for you, ask them about their background on shop fitting as well as their work experiences or projects done. You can also ask about any certifications to know their legitimacy.

Results and Workmanship

Rendering high-quality results from their projects are all reflected through their portfolio of works done. From the list of the projects that they have provided, you can ask about the results of these projects and references of their clients. This way, you can check and confirm if your prospect commercial shopfitter can definitely get the job done. You can also check their websites if there are any. To make sure, you can ask them their working principles and knowledge about shop fitting.

Planning and Schedule

An experienced shopfitter can balance the quality of the work with the time allocated for each phase of the project. Most shopfitters will assure that they can do the fit out completely by a particular date, but only a few can, in reality, beat the deadline. Aside from meeting the schedule, decent shopfitters will respect your time. If you have a shop already and wanted a fit out for a change, experienced shopfitters will see to it that you can still operate despite the shopfitting activities.

Accountability and Communication

As you get to know your potential shopfitter, you must know how they handle issues that will arise. You must also know if they are willing to shoulder the responsibility and accountability of their actions. Do they have any contingency plans in every project? How would they react to problems and challenges on the site? You must ask these questions, among others, to find out their way of communication. You don’t want a shopfitter that does not update you whenever they made some changes.


From timeliness to the quality of work, the binding factor for all these things is your budget. Some shopfitters may ask for additional expenses due to surprise cost overruns. Some shopfitters also tend to save money by buying substandard materials and fixtures for the fit-out. So, find a shopfitter that can utilize your given budget concerning the work quality and time. Additional expenses may normally occur but assess these expenses if they are reasonable.

The next time that you are hiring a commercial shopfitter here in Melbourne, just contact us at BRL Contracting. We can do the shopfitting that is suited to your needs.


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