Things to Consider When Opting for a Jewellery Store Fitout

26 April 2022

Your jewellery store must communicate a strong brand presence and provide a comfortable shopping experience for your customers. Everything including the floor plan, decor, display fixtures, and lighting components are what makes your store stand out as unique. It must also accommodate administrative offices and security components of the business. Here are a few things you need to consider when designing your jewellery store fitout.

Space and Lighting

If you have a smaller shop, choosing large capacity display features makes sense and takes up much less area than multiple smaller fixtures. Also, you need to consider whether you have the option to move the lighting and how it will affect the area of the store that is highlighted. Well-placed lighting elements are the key to bringing out the brilliance of your diamonds and other precious stones. Lighted areas also draw your visitor’s attention to features and products that you want to highlight.

Choice of Materials

Choosing displays made from materials that reflect your brand is another important consideration. You can choose displays that are made from wood, glass and plastic, or metal. These will send a signal to your customer about the quality and reputation of your product lines. Your choice of display material also helps determine the price range you can charge by sending a message about your brand. Each element of the store design should coordinate, from walls to the carpets and display areas.

Customer Experience

The customer who enters your space should have a sensory experience that evokes happy emotions. You should divide the space into subtle “zones” with a specific tone and feel. The placement of your displays should gently guide the visitor through your space and use the five senses to evoke the emotional experience that leads to a purchase. You might include a special bridal area or scent as a way to evoke an emotional response.

Administrative Support and Security

Planning your administrative support and security should focus on maximizing the space available for the shop floor and retail areas. The most common solution is locating the jeweller workstation, storage areas, and other support areas around the perimeter of the store. The fixture should be placed so that it provides an open experience for the average customer, but it should also minimize the risk of someone grabbing an item and running out the door quickly.

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