Tips for Affordable Retail Store Interior Design

18 May 2016

Redesigning a retail store is not always an easy task, especially with today’s economic conditions. For one, a well balanced budget is essential. And if you have a small space, customer experience and maximizing your sales is vital in the design. However, an affordable retail store interior design is very possible. Whether you are redesigning or just setting up; a new interior design is quite promising with just a few tips.

A Feeling of Greatness

Nowadays, space is at a premium price. Unfortunately, because of the cost many retails opt for smaller stores. In addition, many stores feel cramped for the customer. However, there are affordable retail store interior design ideas that can make your store feel spacious. In fact, there are many tricks that create an illusion of a much larger space.

More Lighting – Place lighting in the corners of your shop. Also use a variety of lighting like track lights, ceiling lights and even picture lights.

Paint a Wall – One wall that is a different color than the rest of the walls creates a feeling of depth. And for an even better design, paint the wall a color that matches your brand image.

Mirrors – placing mirrors throughout the store will always make it seem bigger. Mirrors will also add a nice trendy ambiance.

Get Organized

Always avoid overstocking your shelves with excess merchandise. In truth, overloading your shelves with products will make your store look cluttered. And when a store feels disorderly, customers feel uncomfortable and will quickly walk away.

Instead, stock just a few prime items at a time. By doing this, you create the sense of high value and uniqueness. Plus, today’s trendiest products are those that are unique and exclusive. Also, make sure to keep your products organized. As well, have a deliberate floor layout that captures the attention of your customers.

Make Best Use of Your Space

An affordable retail store interior design includes making best use of your retail space. One of the best ways to take full advantage of your space is by placing shelves at different levels. In addition, shelves that fold into the wall create more room and minimize clutter.

Moreover, anything that improves a customer’s experience in your store is advantageous and worth your while. For instance, items or designs that help people remember your brand is a big plus. When people correlate your brand with a great experience, they will continue to come back and shop.


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