Tips for Choosing the Right Display Cases and Shelves for Your Products

25 October 2016

Brick-and-mortar retail establishments face an uphill battle today, thanks to online shopping. For this reason, it is more important than ever to set up a store with the best possible display cases and shelves to showcase your merchandise in the ideal manner to capture the attention of customers. Luckily, there are various types of elements that will fit your needs in this area. We explain the choices you have at present along with a variety of tips for selecting the right ones for your products.

Types of Display Cases and Shelves

  • Glass cases are elegant display options that provide high visibility for jewellery and other types of products. While these cases are durable under normal use, the glass in them can break or shatter depending upon the type of glass that the cases contain in their framework.
  • Acrylic cases allow customers to view merchandise from a variety of angles similar to glass cases. However, acrylic ones are lighter in weight and less breakable than the glass ones are for displaying products.
  • Wall shelves come in a number of different styles from individual ones to units containing numerous shelves. Shelving options such as these are ideal for displaying shoes, candles, and purses or other items on to conserve your floor space.
  • Gondola units simply are freestanding shelving units that can sit on the floor in various locations throughout the store. They are effective display options for t-shirts, jeans, personal grooming products and toiletries, pharmaceutical products and more.
  • Pegboard displays allow you to hang bagged items, such as candy, nuts and cough drops in an attractive, easy-to-access manner.
  • Table display setups will highlight sales or new items in a prominent location of your store. You can place the tables in strategic locations along the aisles or at the entryway of the store just for two examples.
  • Hanging racks for clothing, such as dresses, suits and dress slacks or pants.

Consider Your Overall Store Space

To select the right combination of display cases or shelves for your merchandise, you should consider the overall store space. In cases of limited floor space, wall displays may be preferable over the ones that require floor spaces. When you have sufficient floor area, combine whichever of the elements above that suit your products.

Be certain to select the display cases and shelves that best suit your specific merchandise. For further guidance on this topic, consult with BRL Contacting. We are expert in providing innovative, high-quality, attractive shop-fitting solutions.


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