Tips on Selecting the Right Colour Theme in a Pharmaceutical Fitout Design

05 March 2019

An important part of devising the ideal pharmaceutical fitout design is choosing the correct colour theme. When you pick the ideal shades, your pharmacy will be attractive and effective at enticing customers to hang around and buy more merchandise than they intended on during their shopping trip. However, if you select colours that do not complement each other, your shop will be clashy, loud or just plain ugly, and this is counterproductive to encouraging customers to come and linger in your pharmacy. To help you prevent issues with your colour scheme for your fitout, we offer you the following tips.

Understand the Colour Wheel

The colour wheel shows not only the primary colours of red, yellow and blue, but also some of the different secondary colours that you can create by mixing two primaries together. For example, if you mix red and yellow together you get a shade of orange as a secondary colour. Also, if you need to choose a colour that complements red just look straight across the wheel to find a green shade just for one example.

Learn the Psychology of Colour

On top of understanding the colour wheel, you should learn the psychology of colour since the shades you choose can affect your customers in various ways. Warm colours, such as yellow, orange and red will excite and energise your customers. In fact, these colours are used to represent both ends of the emotion scale, namely happiness and anger. On the other hand, the cool colours of blue, purple and green will relax your customers since they are associated with nature and tranquility.

Decide the Type of Ambiance You Want to Create in Your Pharmacy With Your Colour Scheme

After learning the above two necessities about colours, you need to decide what type of ambiance you want to create in your pharmacy fitout. Once you know this, you can choose the right colours to accomplish it. Keep your choice to three main colours to prevent an overly busy result. You can accent with other shades in certain places to bring attention to certain products.

Will Your Company Logo and Name Influence Your Colour Choice?

Another influence on the colour theme for your pharmaceutical fitout is the colours in your company’s logo and/or name. You may want to use the same colours or complementary ones. The choice is yours.

For further tips on selecting the right colour theme for your pharmaceutical fitout, consult with BRL Contracting. Our highly skilled staff members design and install attractive, effective and durable fitout results for pharmacies.


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